>As I said on my Myspace blog last year when I posted my Top 25 Favourite Artists that I love making lists, I love music, and I love making lists about the artists who make the great music I love. And as the years progress, and the more music I listen to, this list is going to change. This one has just recently been updated for 2009 and includes Four new entries (which means Four artists have lost their spot… sorry Brandy, Maxwell, George Michael and TLC, they can somehow make it back on the list maybe next year.)

So let’s get it started…

20. Snoop Dogg

In regards to making my “exclusive” Top 25 list, consistency is an important quality. And whenever I think of Snoop, that’s the word that comes to mind. It seems like everytime there’s been a lull in his career he comes back Swinging. For every “Snoops Upside Ya Head” or “From tha Chuuch to the Palace” there’s a classic like “Lay Low” or “Beautiful” or “Drop it like it’s Hot“. And save for the few years Suge Knight was trying to ruin his career, Snoop is a pretty consistent albums artists too. The self proclaimed “Uncle” of everyone in the industry may not always be there when you call, but he’s always on time with a future Hip Hop staple. And let’s not forget, Snoop has probably THE best debut hip hop album ever with “Doggystyle” which is still a must have in any car. He’s seriously one of the True Hip Hop Legends.
myTop3 Favourite Snoop albums: 1. Doggystyle (1993), 2. Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (2006), 3. R&G (2004)

21. Erykah badu

I love an artist that is completely unique. An artist whose voice is instantly recognizable and impossible to duplicate. And artist whose image is unpredictable, and who actually has a Personality instead of a caculated Public persona. So knowing all of that, you gotta know that I Love Erykah Badu, who easily qualifies in all the above mentioned categories.

myTop 3 Favourite Erykah badu albums: 1. Mama’s Gun (2000), 2. Live (1997), 3. Baduizm (1996)

22. Nas
Nas debuted with one of the most celebrated Hip Hop Albums of all time “Illmatic“, and public opinion seems to be that he has been working on topping that success ever since. He’s had pretty sporadic hits ever since, and in 2001 during his and Jay-Z’s epic “battle” Hov might have made the most accurate statement about Nas’ career…

Four albums in ten years nigga? I can divideThat’s one every let’s say two, two of them shits was dueOne was – NAHHH, the other was “Illmatic”That’s a one hot album every ten year averageAnd that’s so – LAAAAAAAME!

and at that point, this statement from the same “Takeover” single was probably true…

Had a spark when you started but now you’re just garbage.

However that 2001 battle definitley re-invigorated Mr. Escobar’s career, with alot of people saying he Won that “battle”. That year also saw one of his best (and my personal favourite) albums “Stillmatic” released with the classic “One Mic” as well as countless other thought provoking tracks. Somehow, somewhere during his comeback, he seemed to get the idea that he’s the Voice of the Hip Hop generation and that they hang on to every word he says. Not true. I think it’s made him a bit preachy in the bulk of his material. “Streets Disciple” “Hip Hop is Dead” and his most recent “Untitled” have certain sparks of genius, but also has him sounding more like a college professor schooling his fans instead of entertaining. Still, he has the talent and skill to keep him a legend for a long time.

myTop 3 Favourite Nas albums: 1. Stillmatic (2001), 2. Hip Hop is Dead (2006), 3. Illmatic (1994)

23. P!nk

Of the current Pop Princesses, P!nk is easily the most underrated. Her voice is so powerful and diverse, she can convincingly do everything from R&B to Pop to Rock. Her personality and image is fun and seemingly genuine. She has really fun big hit singles, and some very deep album cuts. And she is one hell of a performer who knows how to put on an amazing show using all of her talents.

myTop3 Favourite P!nk albums: 1. I’m Not Dead (2006), 2. Try This (2003), 3. Missundaztood (2001)

24. The Doors

This legendary group may have the shortest recording history of all the rest of the 24 acts listed. However in that short span of seven years (they continued the group as a threesome for only two albums after front man and rock God Jim Morrison died in 1971) they contributed some of the most amazing songs in the history of Music. I don’t think I have to say much more than “Light my Fire“, an Amazing jam session and easily one of the best songs ever recorded. Okay maybe I’ll mention some other classics like “People are Strange” “Touch Me” “Five to One” “The End”. A truly Amazing band, and the unfortunate death of Jim Morrison actually was fortunate for their catalog as they’ve delivered nothing but (well maybe except for “The Soft Parade”) certified Classic albums and never really had a chance to fall off.

myTop3 Favourite Doors albums: 1. The Doors (1967), 2. Strange Days (1967), 3. L.A. Woman (1971)

25. Mary J. Blige/R.Kelly (tie)

These two are tied because aren’t they really the male/female versions of each other. The undisputed King and Queen of 90’s R&B Music. Every time they drop an album, it’s guaranteed for over 400k sales. And they also both are very consistent with their albums. And they really are both the voice of their generation. What black female in her 30’s hasn’t been able to relate to at least one or two of Mary’s “broken hearted woman” or “woman done wrong” songs (“I’m Going Down“, “Not Gon Cry”, “It’s a Wrap”). Even as she has matured and gotten into to singing about actual love and positivity (“Be Without You” “Just Fine“), the women are still riding with her. And the same with R. Kelly, how many babies were made on the “12 Play” album or songs like “Half on a Baby” or “The Greatest Sex”. Kells has been a little slow in acting his age, but even current tracks like “Same Girl” or “Rock Star” have all the men singing along.

myTop 3 Favourite Mary j blige albums: 1. What’s the 411? (1992), 2. Love & Life (2003), 3. Growing Pains (2007)
myTop 3 Favourite R. Kelly albums: 1. Tp-2.com (2000), 2. Chocolate Factory (2003), 3. 12Play (1993)

Come back in about two weeks when I’ll post my Top Artists from 19 to 15.