>Every Celebrity who has reached some public notoriety has their Fans and their Haters. If this Celebrity has undeniable talent, there are still people who find something wrong with them. And if the Celebrity has obviously gotten famous without any actual skill, there are still people who praise them. Every Celebrity suffers from the “Love Them or Hate Them” thing, or “Either you get it or you don’t”. So what I wanted to start on this blog is periodically showing opposing views of Artists and Celebrities like this.

And since her music is on the radio constantly this year, I think it would be very appropriate to begin with Lady Gaga who is having quite a successful breakthrough year. I recruited a friend from IMDB to come and give her “LOVE” side of the argument, because I’m definitely on the side of “I don’t get it” when it comes to Gaga.
“LOVE” by LibraRhapsody
Has there been a female as daring or as commercially successful so early on in their careers since Madonna and Mariah? Yes. Two words for you. Lady GaGa. Lady Gaga, the outrageous fashionista, it would be suprising if you were unaware of her, but just in case, think 80’s influenced heavy dance tracks, flirty electronic beats and lyrics like “I wanna take a ride of your disco stick“. Think Gwen Stefani meets Christina Aguilera , with a hint of Grace Jones thrown in. Her first two monster pop singles “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” (worldwide #1’s) are wild, retro, sexy and intentionally ridiculous (like their music videos, from her hand movements to the giant dogs). Gaga is as original as she is daring. Unapologetic about her sexuality for sure when she declares shes “bluffin with her muffin” or “dont think too much just bust that stick“. On her Top 10 Album “The Fame” she focuses on the glamour of celebrity, which she says, is about how anyone can feel like a celebrity. As well as being commercial and feel good Gaga has depth take “Paper Gangsta” or “Sommerboy” the slower tracks that don’t get lost on her hard hitting LOUD album. And she shows fragility in “Brown Eyes” when Gaga recalls “in your brown eyes, I was feeling low, got some brown eyes, but I saw her face, I knew that it was wrong, in your brown eyes“.

Gaga is a breath of fresh air to music, the music industry now seems to ignore talent over image. Its not about vocals and lyrics anymore its about beats and sales. Sad but true. That’s where Gaga blends talent and substance with the relevant factors of a good beat and commercial hook. She plays the piano, writes and produces her own material and can direct a music video. She is taking the music industry by storm, giving hilarious and bizarre interviews and being nominated for awards. She’s well on her way to becoming the next big Pop Icon.

“HATE” by ME

Hate might not be the best word to describe my feelings for Lady Gaga or her music. Upon reading about her I actually do respect her hustle. She was signed and dropped years before her recent breakthrough. She than began writing for other artists before she got her big break in hooking up with Akon who signed her to his Kon Live label. The result is the debut “The Fame”, which is filled with catchy dance songs — catchy dance songs that are poorly written, and have very unoriginal concepts. There in lies my problem with Lady Gaga, or maybe I should say Gaga fans. They seem to think her music is so revolutionary, so unique, so new. And I would say, look back just 5 years ago when Gwen Stefani released her “Love.Angel.Music.Baby” album. Upbeat dance ready songs concerning Fame and Riches with addictive hooks and juvenile lyricism. And let’s just assume you’re too young to remember that. Let’s go back just 3 years ago when Fergie put out practically the same album. It’s crazy to me that Gwen and Fergie’s albums were panned for not having any substance, yet here we are today seeing people actually say that Lady Gaga is innovative?? I think not.
She is cute though, I mean her videos for “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” are captivating. And there are a select few songs from her (overrated) album that are worth checking out… the best being the title track. But there’s no way in hell I’m buying that Lady Gaga is the new Madonna. She’s not even the new Britney Spears. Not yet at least. I think she makes up for her lack of apparent talent (by the way I’ve never seen her perform live) or songwriting prowess with great imagery. Avant-Garde outfits that get her on the fashion wrap up lists, which undoubtedly get her name out there. She’s become quite a Celebrity this year, but is she the Flavor of the Moment (like Katy Perry last year) or will she truly become the Star her fans seem to think she already is?