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This is a really good look for all parties involved honestly. Let me not get ahead of myself though… okay, so last week L.A. Reid premiered the new Kanye West video at some sort of Def Jam/Island conference. He also played Mariah Carey‘s possible new single “Hate U”, and Youtubers caught a bit of it… but the Kanye video is what had the internet buzzing the following day. And somehow, Rihanna became the star. His video for “Paranoid” is similar to his previous videos for “Stronger”, “Flashing Lights” and “Goldigger” where the attention is placed on the female eye candy. And the newly hailed Pop Princess Rihanna is definitley where all the attention is placed in this really awesome video. And to be honest, if it wasn’t Rihanna this video would be really boring because literally nothing happens. It’s just 3 minutes and 48 seconds of Rihanna doing what she does best, oozing loads of sex appeal and… well… just being Sexy as hell. I mean it’s shot very well, I love the camera work and the bit at the beginning with her on the bed was a cool technique. But it’s really all about Rihanna and this is, like I said before, a really good look for her. She gets her name out there and her face back on MTV without having to do anything (Although I do hear rumors that she added her vocals to a remix of this song, but I haven’t heard anything official). And for Kanye, it’s a good look because this will get the buzz behind his Excellent “808’s & Heartbreak” album starting back up.

And than maybe they’ll go on tour together again.

Well that’s probably my wishful thinking… anyway, check out the Mad Sexy Rihanna with her Mad Crazy Sex Appeal on this Sexy video. (say “sexy” again…)