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>Last week I was on Youtube and came across, what I’m assuming, the final cut of Kanye West‘s “Paranoid” video. It was from the official label Youtube page, so I’m guessing what I reviewed a few weeks ago was a rough version. Kanye typically does release videos with multiple versions (“Jesus Walks”, “Heard Em Say”, “Flashing Lights”), and this version is superior to the other versions I’ve seen so far if that is the case. This one really makes sense. Matching the song with images similar to an old fashioned horror flick. Smart. It has a weird Michel Gondry, Tim Burton vibe as well (The video is directed by Nabil Elderkin). Appropriately creepy for a song that’s about being creeped out. Plus Kanye’s presence is in this far more than the previous version which was basically all Rihanna (I’m not mad at that by the way). I give it high marks, and it another great video in both their already pretty awesome Video-graphies.

I also want to add something I didn’t mention before. If you don’t have “808’s and Heartbreak” (you suck first of all. I Keed! I Keed!)you probably wouldn’t notice that the sung vocals on the song are credited to a new Kanye protege Mr Hudson. And He actually has one of my favourite songs right now in “Supernova“. His album “Straight No Chaser” (there are actually two other singles from his upcoming album on his imeem page) won’t be released until October, and there’s still no official video for this single. I’m thinking it’s a teaser and something will come along late summer. Anyway point is, I’m checking this guy out and hoping he doesn’t suck. I like his style and his whole Dave Gahan phrasing mixed with the Chris Martin whiney vocal thing he has going on. We’ll see.