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>2. Madonna

As a kid of the 80’s, some my earliest Music memories involve Madonna. She practically OWNED MTV and all the other video shows in the 80’s, her songs were Always on the radio, and just the phenomenon that was Madonna back in the 80’s is something that is really indescribable to someone who didn’t live through that era. And she paved the way for alot of (well MOST of… i’d actually say 100% of…) the Female artists and Female celebrities in general of today. In terms of image, sexual empowerment, being an opinionated female Pop entertainer and being unapologetic about the things she did. And let’s not even get into how Awesome she was at the whole Publicity stunt. She was really one of the first artists to totally Use the media for her own gain, and as you see so many artists Male and Female follow that trend. Another great thing about Madonna is that she really Is the only big artist from the 80’s that still makes quality music and is as relevant over the past two decades.

myTop 3 Favourite Madonna albums: 1. Music (2000), 2. Bedtime Stories (1994), 3. Ray of Light (1997)

3. Marvin Gaye

I have to admit, I never fully got into Marvin Gaye until maybe 6 or 7 years ago. Ofcourse I knew Alot about him beforehand. Most of my close family members are Music lovers just like me so Good Music was always heard when I was a child and I knew alot about the Motown sound when I was really young. I read a Biography about Gaye and they talked alot about the “What’s Going On” album, and how revolutionary it was for the time. How at the time Socially conscious R&B was not really heard of. How he produced it all himself and was the first act to use the technology to do His Own backing vocals, and it was the first album to have songs lead into each other. And how he fought so hard to get it out, how he refused to do any work for Motown until the album was released. He put all his heart into it, and you can tell… 37 years later. It’s really the best album ever made. Aside from that one album, Gaye truly has one of the best stories. A guy who was overtly talented as a vocalist and for years was a team player doing what Berry Gordy wanted (not without a few fights though) and than totally took control of his career and his image and his name and from “What’s Going On” and on did whatever was He wanted to do with His music. Truly an admirable guy. Fuckin crazy ofcourse, but I think most of the people on my list are Nuts.

myTop 3 Favourite Marvin Gaye albums: 1. What’s Going On (1971), 2. I Want You (1976), 3. Let’s Get It On (1973)

4. Mariah Carey

I’ve been a huge fan of Mariah’s since her 1990 debut. And the reason that she is so high on the list is pretty simple. Her voice, the fact that she’s a hard worker, writes her own music, and has provided the world with some of the best songs in the past 19 years. And in the past 5 or 6 years she’s really settled into a place with her music that is really fun and really represents who she is, which is drastically different than her earlier albums, and it gives me a whole new respect for this major talent.

myTop 3 Favourite Mariah Carey albums: 1. Daydream (1995), 2. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009), 3. Butterfly (1997)

5. Daft Punk

I dont really know how to explain my love for Daft Punk, other than they are just right up my alley I guess. I was first introduced to them by their completely Awesome music video for “Around the world“, and that one Awesome video started the love affair. They’ve only released Three actual albums in the past 10 years, but when they do release an album it’s always on point, it’s Always a completely different sound than the last, and it always gets major play from ME for the years I have to wait for the next album. And they’ve further impressed me with their Live album they released in 2007, I have never seen these dudes live because I never thought Electronic artists could put on an interesting show. I was hella wrong! The cd is AMAZING!!! The mixes they do, just genius. These guys are just geniuses at what they do.

myTop 3 Favourite Daft Punk albums: 1. Homework (1997), 2. Human After All (2005), 3. Discovery(1999)