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>Okay it’s November, and I have reviews for albums that were released as far back as March!
So you know what, I’m gonna review them ALL… RIGHT NOW!!! In the words of Larry the Cable Guy, I’m on a mission to GET ‘ER DONE!!!! So here we go…

LCD SoundsystemThis Is Happening

The third album from the highly buzzed about Electronic producer LCD Soundsystem (aka James Murphy) was released to mass critical acclaim in May. “This Is Happening” is a fun dance album in general, although it does come off as a bit one-note at times. Some of the best the album has to offer actually can come off as copy cats of other artists (Devo on “Drunk Girls”, She Wants Revenge on “All I Want”), but the overall effect is a new level of Electronic music. Murphy maintains a Electronic sound, but there are heavy traces of Punk, Rock and Pop on any given track. The albums high points are the unapologetic fun of “Pow Pow”, while “One Touch” “You Wanted A Hit” and “I Can Change” are near perfection. The album is a unique listen, but can wear a little thin at times.

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Best: “Pow Pow“, “I Can Change“, “You Wanted a Hit

RobynBody Talk Pt. 2

After the first portion of her “Body Talk” trilogy was released earlier this year, Robyn dropped the sequel in September and it completely blows the original out of the water. Robyn has somehow managed to make club and radio friendly Dance music but layers it with so much heart and intensity that it sounds like a Musical Masterpiece compared to the Ke$ha’s and Willow’s of the Pop world. “Pt. 2” is a little more intense and heavier than “Pt. 1”, songs like “We Dance to the Beat” and “Criminal Intent” have such a hard House sound that’s so enjoyable the scant lyrics are more than appropriate. Than you get the honest and heartfelt lyricism on “Hang with Me” “Love Kills” and the Acoustic “Indestructible”. “Pt. 3” will be sold as a combination of all albums on November 22nd and there’s no doubt that compilation will be better than most albums released this year. Unfortunately not many in America will hear them, and Ke$ha will forever rule the airwaves.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Best: “Hang with Me“, “Love Kills“, “We Dance to the Beat

Brandon FlowersFlamingo

The solo debut of The Killers’ front man Brandon Flowers came to very little fanfare this October. Maybe because the albums first single “Crossfire” sounded almost exactly like a unreleased cut from the groups last album “Day and Age”. And once you listen further to this album, there’s not much that separates Flowers as The Killers’ lead singer and Flowers as a solo star. The beginning of the album is very lackluster, however towards the middle and to the end he does manage to deliver some outstanding tracks, still very Killers-esque. “Only the Young” the albums second single just sounds like an instant classic, the first single is no slouch either. Most of the last half of the album is enjoyable, though a tad forgettable. Which, unfortunately, is probably what this solo venture will end up being. A forgotten one.

Rating: 3 Stars
Best: “Only the Young“, “Crossfire“, “Jacksonville

Kings of LeonCome Around Sundown

Last year Kings of Leon emerged from the Indie scene and got a big Pop single and a handful of Grammy gold. And the bright side of their 5th album “Come Around Sundown” is the group doesn’t seem to be worried about duplicating their mainstream success. Nothing on the album feels forced, however the overall feeling the albums leaves is pretty boring. The vibe is their original sort of grass roots Rock sound mixed with a lighter feeling. And maybe that lighter feel is my problem, I just don’t feel like they “rocked out” hard enough on this album, even though their first single “Radioactive” and “Pony Up” for instance are pure energetic Rocker romps, the rest of the album is just a little too mellow. Still, the group members are skilled and experienced musicians and lead singer Caleb Followill still has one of the most distinct and powerful voices in the industry. Those two facts alone make the album worthy.

Rating: 3 Stars
Best: “Birthday“, “Radioactive“, “Pony Up

Danger Mouse & SparklehorseDark Night of the Soul

Danger Mouse the Go-To Producer for Moody Alternative-Pop is back with probably his moodiest darkest work yet. Teaming up this time with Alternative group Sparklehorse, the album was actually released on the internet last year, however after some legal disputes the album was re-released for retail this Summer. It should be noted that Sparklehorse front man Mark Linkous committed suicide in March of this year so that definitely adds to the eery effect of the album. Another note, always creepy film director David Lynch wrote an accompanying 100 plus page book as visual accompaniment to what is called a “concept album about Spiritual Crisis”. Having not read that book, or even knowing about Linkous, the overall tone of the album is very well felt. With guest artists like Iggy Pop, Suzanne Vega, The Flaming Lips, Gruff Rhys providing very haunting vocals over the very spooky tracks. The songs more or less bleed into each other, with not many standouts, but a great overall feel. (Though Julian Casablancas from The Strokes’ “Little Girl” is easily my favorite).

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Best: “Little Girl“, “The Man Who Played God“, “Star Eyes (I Can Catch It)“,