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Radiohead has been probably the most critically acclaimed contemporary Alterna-Rock group of the past decade, and with good reason. They are the kind of group that is popular because of their longevity, critical acclaim and sales but musically still feel like underground Indie groups with their always different and un-commercial sound. Their 8th album “The King of Limbs” is no exception, although at only 8 tracks it does feel like more of a side album, it’s still pretty fantastic. The album still has that heavy Radiohead stamp, dream like instrumentation with Thom Yorke’s mumble-y vocal performing style, though on “King of Limbs” everything is even more subdued. In the vain of Portishead or even at times early M83, they deliver songs that are mostly carried through the music alone, “Feral” a stand-out is actually only music and the majority of the albums highlights have more to do with the music as opposed to the lyrics or vocal stylings. Even with the heavy stuttering percussions, and electronic blips, nothing ever feels really aggressive which makes it work so well together. The group subtly go from electronica and drum & bass inspired tracks (album opener “Bloom”), to straight piano laden tracks (“Codex”) and acoustic numbers (“Give Up The Ghost”), but the music and vibe of the album is so understated you hardly point out the differences. There’s just an underlying calm and almost jazzy feel that is strung throughout the entire set. Which shows the group are musical geniuses, they don’t have to go as far to prove anything to the listener. On this album they were able to venture into new musical terrain, but doing it at a very calm and peaceful way and the album works so well because of it.

Rating: 4 of 5
Best: “Lotus Flower“, “Bloom“, “Give Up The Ghost