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I was just scrolling through old blog posts (trying to get my tags together for the official launch of this wordpress blog) and I had forgotten that when I started I used to do Music Video of the Week. So I’m bringing that back, and starting a Song of the Week and possibly Movie for the Weekend.

This weeks music video is going to be posted for two reasons. For one, Coldplay‘s new single “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” is one of my favorite songs out right now. It’s really a familiar territory for Coldplay but it’s a lot more fun than most of their stuff. It has a great message though, if you feel like “you’re underneath the rubble, sing a rebel song”. Basically enjoy life, and make the little things really count “every siren is a symphony, every tears a waterfall”. Just an overall fun record with some meaning behind the words, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s one of their best singles but it definitely is getting me amped up for their next album coming sometime before Fall.

The second reason I posted this was to point out a bit of hypocrisy on the media’s (Yahoo specifically and one of their writers @y_billyjohnson). A few months back, they had a Headline story about Beyoncé “stealing” her Billboard Awards show performance from some little-known artist Lorella Cuccarini. To be fair Billy Johnson’s article wasn’t necessarily putting  Beyoncé on blast, he made note that she was “accused of stealing the idea” although he didn’t technically accuse her himself. The problem was, the Headline was “Beyoncé copied performance for Billboard Awards” which I’m sure is attention grabbing but that’s just adding fuel to her hate-fire.

And here we have Coldplay’s new video, which is a nice looking video but I couldn’t help thinking about a YouTube clip my World Art teacher had us watch a few semesters ago. The stop motion technique making the paint and graffiti on the walls appear to be moving is terribly similar.

That video comes from popular artists Blu and David Ellis and they have loads of videos on their YouTube page you can check out here.

Now I’m not accusing Coldplay of stealing, but since the media isn’t fair in who they want to ridicule and call out I’m gonna do it on this blog. If what Beyoncé did was Headline worthy, than why not make a Headline out of Coldplay, who are basically doing the same thing (and they haven’t even spoken about who they were influenced by like Beyoncé was more or less forced to do with her perfomance).