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Some time this year, I stumbled across some hilariously funny and perfectly executed YouTube clips from user ThisIsMackTV. He takes interview footage from different celebrities, some Hip Hop stars some NBA stars and mostly stars in the Female Pop Music stratosphere. And of course they are the most entertaining because we love imagining are Divas are catty with each other. So even if Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez aren’t feuding in real life, it’s fun to watch them shade each other on YouTube at least.

The genius and what makes these clips so damn funny is Mack seems to find the perfect interview clips to work with, his crazy auto-pitched voice goes along so (perfectly) with the expressions in the videos so you end up sort of believing what you’re seeing and it makes it all that funnier.

It’s funny because if you watch these regularly, he seems to make characters out of the stars. Lil Wayne as the brain-dead kid, Ciara as the bitter bitch (her “mothafuckas” kill me), and so on. I really think it’s great how he sort of embodies each stars stanbase with these videos. I haven’t checked out the NBA ones, I’m sure they are just as funny… but here are what I think are the Top 5 Funniest Clips from him thus far.

5. Lil Kim versus Nicki Minaj : “Who The Fuck Want War”

With the delusional shade Kim has been throwing Nicki the past two years, this video had to be great. And it is, Kim’s overly hyper “War” threats matched with Nicki’s blank stares and “it’s Barbie Bitch”‘s are hilarious.


4. Beyonce & Friends : “The Over 37 Thousand Club”

One of his recent posts, this has Beyonce celebrating entering #1 with “4” and the bitterness of Ciara who can’t stand to see her shine. This time Jennifer Lopez pops up and steals the show. Her back and forth with Ciara near the end is priceless and a great example of why Mack is so genius with matching the vocals with the expressions from the interviews.


3. “Beyonce Appreciation Day

This is like Mack’s All-Star revue, to celebrate “Beyonce Appreciation Day” Rihanna, GaGa, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Kevin from The Skorpion Show, and a B-Rated Precious  and a wealth of others come to give their props. The sheer number of celebs, and length of this make it one of the best. Especially love the fighting between Letoya Luckett and Tina Knowles (“you just mad sugah!!”), Rihanna and Ciara, and Oprah’s final surprise.


2. Lil Wayne interviews Jay-Z : “… I just said Polo twice!”

Mack got their voices and tones down packed for this one. The two Kings of Hip Hop meet up for an interview that goes to shit. Weezy spends his time singing, to the major displeasure of Hov, and asking dumb trivia questions “How old were you… when you were 17?”. Jay-Z getting annoyed and Weezy not getting it at all makes this one a true LOL clip.


1. Hitler’s Reaction to “4” Leaking: “…please leave the room now”

I have no idea what movie this is (but I have a feeling I saw it), but it’s perfect for this. Hitler and the soldiers and everyone involved here kind of take on the feelings of Beyonce stans when her album leaked 3 weeks early. This is great, and a perfect use of his style. The expressions here match so perfectly, his Epic moment.


Suggestions: There are some other great ones that didn’t make the Top 5, but I think Mack should expand on the “Judge Joe Brown” type videos like he did with Britney vs. Rihanna which was pretty genius as well. And I think it’s time for GaGa to say more than a few things, how about an Epic GaGa vs. Madonna!?

Anyway Mack keep doing your thing, we love it. Subscribe here, and Follow him on Twitter here.