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It’s sometimes difficult to review instrumental Electronic music, because what is there really to talk about. You can say how the vibe and feel of the music is, if it’s unique and creative or a copycat of others, you can even make mentions of the some of the effects used in the songs. It’s still pretty hard to say if an Electronic album is good compared to the rest of the music out there.

However with Com Truise‘s debut album “Galactic Melt“, released this past June, it’s slightly different for me and I can’t put a finger on why. The album is entertaining , the feel of the album is familiar, it’s very 80’s inspired with a sort of chill vibe but also very danceable. At times it felt like I was listening to M83, and I was convinced it might be the same producer but it’s not (the real name of Mr. Truise is Seth Haley), but that’s not to say I feel a big plagiarism vibe because Com Truise takes that very relaxed sound and adds some pretty awesome keyboard sequences and effects to make it a little more funky and lively and most importantly to make it his own.

The weirdest thing about this album, that I almost feel dumb saying,  there seems to be so much feeling and emotion behind the music that is not always felt on Electronica albums. Haley brings so much life to what he’s doing behind his keyboards you can tell he’s having the time of his life putting some of the songs together. Almost in the way a singer can put more emotion to lyrics, even if the lyrics are crappy you’ll still feel something from their voice. This album is the same, and the weird thing is the sequencing and the keyboard work almost becomes it’s own voice. There are moments on songs like “Cathode Girls”, “Glawio” and “Hyperlips” with the keyboard play that you almost feel like maybe theirs some sort of hidden language under it because it feels like it’s truly saying something (yes that’s weird, I know). Another great example is “VHS Sex” which is so true to it’s title because of the 80’s sound and the sexy nature of the song.

All in all “Galactic Melt” is a great Electronic album, it’s fun it has heart and it’s funky. There are Electronic albums that sometimes try to do too much, or sometimes do way too little. This one is perfect for what it is, a feel good album you can dance to and have some great moments to and it’s not over long so you can enjoy it front to back. I mean you wouldn’t be completely off if you said most of the songs sound a little similar (which in the world of Electronica is kind of a given), but it’s really him putting his stamp on his sound. And by the way how awesome is his moniker!!

3.5 of 5

Best: Hyperlips, Cathode Girls, Ether Drift