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Last night was the last night some of our favorite couples this season of “So You Think You Can Dance” will get to dance with each other. For some that’s a GREAT thing (*cough, Ryan and Ricky) and for others it’s going to be really sad to think we might not see their chemistry again (Melanie and Marko, Clarice and Jess). They will be paired with some All-Stars which should bring a whole new dynamic to an already solid season of the show. Here are some thoughts on the season so far, and some predictions on who will survive and who I think has the best chance to win.


I think all of the fans of the show were happy to see Mary Murphy back this season. Not having her on the judges panel at all last season really felt odd, she’s such a huge part of the show that to not have her feels like something totally different. Her, her screams and her Hot Tamale Train are back in full force this year and we love it as always. Other than that, the judges panel has made some missteps in having their third judge be a funny celebrity (the Ellen Degeneres option) but quickly remedied it by adding a fourth judge being a choreographer. This works really well because you get some laughs, but you also get great critiques (Sonya Tayeh’s first stint as a judge last night was great).

And Congratulations to Cat Deely on her Emmy Nomination. She really is the sweetest, and she makes a great host on this show. When she took over during the Second season I wasn’t so sure (she had way more personality than the first chick they had thought that’s for sure), but she’s really grown with the show so much I couldn’t imagine anybody else hosting.


Just one thing. GET RID OF CHRIS SCOTT!! His Lyrical Hip Hop routines often take themselves way too seriously and never live up to the hype. His second routine last night was case in point, he said the dance routine was based on the struggles in Uganda of abducted children forced to fight a war. And than the routine was a B-rate version of NappyTabs’ “Coming Home” routine from earlier this year. He doesn’t have the stuff to sit along side some of the other choreographers, and frankly the show needs to find a Hip Hop choreographer that brings something really new to the show, because most of the other Hip Hop people they’ve brought on give us the typical.

Other than Chris I have no problems with the other choreographers, I feel like former contestant Travis Wall has really hit his stride this season with two knock out routines thus far. And the fact that the show is continually bringing in new choreographers is great and there are a few we’d love to see more from.


Season 8 has been a pretty solid group of dancers. Compared to other seasons, maybe they aren’t the strongest, but they all have something to offer which is all we ask. We have some great personalities this season though, and we’ve seen a few people really come into their own as the weeks went on. Jess is one who wasn’t as strong in the beginning but is now one of the favorites.


When the couples get split up, I see some really out-doing themselves and some slipping away. Ricky will excel without partner Ryan, he’s a really skilled and passionate dancer but for some reason him and Ryan have yet to connect this season. Mitchell is another one who should emerge with an All-Star partner, him and Caitlynn together are fine but not the most consistent.

I fear Caitlynn might not do as well with an All-Star, she’s been decent this season but somewhat forgettable. Ryan, unless she really takes the advice she got last night (“know you’re wonderful”) will probably be out very soon. I actually think tonight she might be sent home. And unfortunately, because she’s a sweet girl, I don’t see Jordan really doing all that well when the All-Stars come in, there’s something about her that just doesn’t go ALL THE WAY every time and that’s going to hurt her unless she changes that. All the rest of the dancers are going to do great, because they for the most part HAVE IT. I actually see Clarice really stepping it up with an All-Star.

As far as who is going to win. I’m gonna go ahead and predict Tadd as the winner. He’s a great dancer, and he’s one of the few that really commits to everything and has shown he is really versatile. He, more than anybody else this season really, surprises us every week with the things he’s able to do and how he’s able to go out of his Hip Hop comfort zone. Plus he’s cute, he has a cool personality and he has that whole “around the way guy” thing going for him that should keep him getting votes.

However, in the final stretches it’s all about the contestants who still have that Fight in them. The ones that are there to compete and win will emerge, I feel that spirit from a few of them. Sasha, who has been faltering a bit in the past weeks, will step it up. As I mentioned before Clarice will as well as her partner Jess. Mitchell also seems to be a true fighter, and Melanie and Marko are just so excellent it doesn’t matter at this point where they end up on the show they’ve gotten the exposure they need to begin their professional careers.

Elimination Predictions for this week:

Sorry but Ryan kind of got slaughtered by the judges last night so I think it’s an easy guess to say she’ll be the girl going home. I would say there’s a chance America will save her, but like Nigel said she’s been in the bottom a number of times this season so they just don’t seem to be connecting with her enough to save her. I have a feeling the guy going home tonight will be Alexander, but he got some heavy praise last night so it might actually be Ryan’s partner Ricky which would be sad. He hasn’t gotten the chance really to show his full potential (I feel like Ryan has been dragging him down a bit). The other possibility for elimination I would say is Mitchell and Caitlynn, I think they are both solid but they have the forgettable thing sometimes and I’m having a hard time remembering what they did last night. I still say Ryan and Alexander though, but we’ll see.

Top 3 Performances Last Night:

1. Melanie & Marko, Tango by Louis Van Amstel

So Sexy, So Hot, So Steaming. And this is coming from two of the nicest and innocent seeming contestants this season. They killed it in only the way this power couple knows how, with 100% conviction and character. They proved here that they are the most versatile pair this season, and even when they faltered they never dropped character or the tone. This is also one of my favorite Tango’s since Brando and Janette KILLED on Season 6.

2. Sasha & Alexander, Jazz by Tyce Diorio

This was one of those performances where you can tell without a doubt that the dancers and choreographer LOVE Dance. The whole thing was so breezy and flowed so well, while utilizing some tricky moves and complicated tricks. This routine was beautiful from beginning to end, and one of Tyce’s better routines.

3. Melanie & Marko, Contemporary by Dee Caspary

My favorite couple. Sorry if I’m being a bit biased, but this routine was just like the above routine I mentioned. Two dancers and a choreographer who love dance and their love is so strong and within their soul they practically breathe dance. This was also an amazing piece from Dee, it starts off soft and gentle and than gets really static towards the end. Very creative work for the last dance between one of So You Think You Can Dance’s all-time BEST couple! (will be so sad to see them apart)


Gotta thank 0yramary0 again who has been consistently been providing me with YouTube clips this season, go subscribe to his page!