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This is another case of why celebs shouldn’t have Twitter accounts. If they aren’t mature and respectful enough, it could turn some fans of their music way off.

When it comes to Hip Hop group Odd Future (or… Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), they have been getting non stop buzz this year. I checked out Frank Ocean’s mixtape and fortunately I didn’t get a chance to listen to any of the other ones. I was a little off-put by some of their titles and some of the quotes I’ve seen from them. Just seemed like a crew of rowdy brats, and the fact that they are like 17 and I’m … um … Older than them, I figured I wouldn’t really relate.

From their Twitter behavior I’m glad I avoided listening to them, because it does seem like what I said about them is correct. They seem to like to start crap, and effectively burn bridges in the industry before they really even get a good shot. It started about a month ago with the one Odd Future guy I liked, Frank Ocean. Chris Brown actually shouted him out… and well… Frank Ocean didn’t apparently take it as that.

Now, Frank’s response was uncalled for but actually kind of funny. Chris kind of went off and there was no need (ignore people who try to come for you Chris, otherwise delete your account if you’re gonna get pissed at everybody who @’s you something negative), but it’s curious as to why Frank even went there. He should have just ignored Chris as well, it’s not like he was asking Frank to kiss his ass with a response he was actually trying to help boost your career and the little comment might actually hurt it now (Breezy has a pretty massive fan base truth be told). I won’t even get into what allegedly happened afterwards, so I’ll just get into the next Odd Future douchebage and what he did today.

Now I feel there’s no need to even talk about the MTV Video Music Award nominations that were announced this morning (if you are at all interested in seeing the full list of nominees and voting go here). We all know by now that those Awards are clearly a popularity contest (otherwise how do you explain Adele being nominated for Video of the Year?) and not about the actual content of the videos released in the eligible year. Needless to say, the people that slayed the charts and sales this year are all nominated somewhere.

Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator managed to get a nomination for Video of the Year (he’s not insanely popular or selling that much, but the major buzz behind the group probably helped him get the nomination, so MTV can say they have “underground cred”! *rolls eyes) and he’s up against Katy Perry, Beastie Boys, Adele and Bruno Mars. And you know, instead of being gracious or humbled to be nominated Tyler took to his Twitter and said this.

Again, TOTALLY Uncalled For!!! I don’t mind that these dudes speak their minds. However it seems like they are more trying to rock the boat and come off as bad-asses with the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. And it’s just not a smart move in this industry. If their aim is to say “okay, I don’t ever want to work with Chris Brown or Bruno Mars and this is my way of letting them know that”, I can see that side, but the industry is so connected by trying to piss off one guy, they are pissing off everybody in that guys crew and other artists who are affiliated. And pissing off those guys labels and publicists, which is just not a good move. Example, Frank Ocean just wrote a song for Beyonce’s “4” album and was on Twitter talking about how great of an experience it was. What if he talked some shit on Twitter about J.Cole or someone in the Roc Nation crew. Obviously J.Cole wouldn’t want to have anything to do with any Odd Future member, neither would Jay-Z, and a Beyonce collaboration would be out of the question.  It’s totally sabotaging the future career of Odd Future, if they keep at it this way they’ll go from having serious industry buzz to Burger King.

Still, they are young thus they are immature and aren’t really thinking about consequences. And actually, in this day and age where the person who can “read” the best is the most respected, these type of controversies might be a bit of a strategy to get them more attention (which, I suppose worked for anybody who reads this blog and never heard of them), but it’s only momentary. Can they spend their whole career shading other artists? Doubt it, because who would ever want to work with them or have them on their shows or concerts? They just really need to grow up.

(I may still listen to their music though. Frank Ocean’s mixtape is still one of my favorites of this year. And from the little I’ve heard of The Jet Age of Tomorrow’s “Journey to the 5th Echelon” that could also be pretty incredible.)