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Making Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson my Music Video of the Week, simply because I LOVE this song and only found out there was a video for it last night. Coming from her decent sophomore album “I Remember Me” (read review here), this is easily one of the best tracks and makes for a great single for radio. Which is why I’m really surprised that it’s not storming at least the R&B charts, it’s catchy and very well sung and it has that nice upbeat snap to it. You’d think those would be perfect ingredients for an Urban hit these days, but it’s at #40 on that chart and has only peaked at #36 in 9 weeks on the chart. It’s not even on the Hot 100.

So I wanted to just post this to put the word out, this is a single you need to be requesting at radio!! (The video itself isn’t all that great, but she looks pretty gorgeous)