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Wednesday’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” was so good, I was really at a loss as to what to say about it. I took too long to get my thoughts together though because last night when I was attempting to write it, I was fact checking again at Wikipedia like I normally due and I saw who was eliminated… and it kind of bummed me out. So here’s my very late recap of week 6.

First things first, the All-Stars have come back to the show and proved that this seasons crop of dancers are no slouches. It was great seeing Katheryn, Komfort, Twitch and Robert back. Allison is truly a beast, and Pasha… well words can’t describe. Season 8’s Top 10 matched each of their All-Star partners perfectly. Last week I talked about how separating the groups thus far would show whose in it to win it, and after Wednesday I think it’s safe to say they all are fighting hard for their place. I still think Tadd is a favorite to win (apparently his Hip Hop routine with Komfort got him trending on Twitter, which is kind of a big deal for this show), but it’s going to be really hard to predict who will make the finale because the group is that strong.

Even the worst things that came out of Wednesday’s show were not the dancers fault. Only two routines felt a little lukewarm to me on first viewing. Mitchell’s Jazz routine with Season 1’s Melody (who I always thought was overrated) was danced nicely, and yes maybe guest judge Neil Patrick Harris was right about Mitchell being a little too showy, but overall the routine was a bust. It wasn’t bad, but I’m such a big Bob Fosse fan it was weird to hear that song and not think about this (and watch the whole thing!). That can really only be blamed on choreographer Tyce Diorio (who managed to save himself with his second routine with Ricky and his BEAST of a partner Allison.

The only routine I didn’t immediately take a liking to was Caitlynn’s Argentine Tango with Pasha. It was just so slow, but upon watching it again I appreciate the sexiness that choreographers Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo manage to keep at a perfect simmer. In that respect Caitlynn did a remarkable job, and this showed to me that she really is a talented dancer who does deserve to be there.

The rest of the routines were all pretty amazing, so I’m just gonna post my Top 5 favorites.

1. Sasha and Twitch, choreographed by Christopher Scott.

I was prepared to hate this. I haven’t been a big fan of Christopher Scott this season but this routine is definitely his best so far. It has everything from intensity to emotion to just great moves. And Sasha got kinda sexy, I’ve made complaints about her not being “feminine” enough in certain routines but maybe she has a little thing for Twitch, because the chemistry was there 100%. This kind of proves that she just wasn’t feeling it with Alexander but this was a knock out routine and maybe (just maybe I have to review the other performances) her best performance of the season.

2. Jordan and Brandon, choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson

I Love routines like this when it’s just all about the dance, the feeling of the music going through your body, the sort of freedom in art. Desmond and Dwight tend to deliver knock out performances when they hit the show, and this is one of my favorites. Jordan did really well here, but this performance goes to show that Brandon really was one of the best All-Time dancers of the show. He just attacks effortlessly and makes it seem so simple.

3. Tadd and Komfort, choreographed by Chuck Maldonado

I had been waiting for someone to attempt a routine to Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”, and Chuck Maldonado KILLED IT. I loved that there was so much dancing on the Busta Rhymes verse and that Chuck had the choreography following Busta’s crazy fast flow. Tadd did an amazing job (coming out of that awesome t-shirt move though he lost his pacing, maybe I’m the only one who caught that) but I think Komfort did a great job of not overshadowing him (when it would be so easy for her to do so).

4. Jess and Katheryn, choreographed by Stacey Tookey

I have become such a Jess fan, and he keeps on making me proud. In this sweet contemporary routine with another one of my all-time favorites Katheryn they both really delivered one a really beautiful piece.
5. Marko and Chelsie, choreographed by Jason Gilkison

Chelsie Chelsie Chelsie!! Ms. Hightower proved yet again why she’s one of my all-time favorite girls because she KILLED in this super super sexy and fast paced Samba. Marko definitley kept up with her and did his part as a partner, but this was clearly HER routine as I honestly couldn’t keep my eyes off her the entire time. (I also really really LOVE that song, one of the best reasons to watch “Nine” — along with Fergie’s knockout rendition of “Be Italian“)

It was such a great show, but I had one other gripe. I did not like Neil Patrick Harris as guest judge this week. He’s normally really charming and funny (like at the Tony Awards he hosted this year) and I think everybody was expecting that from him. Instead he got really serious on us, and I don’t really have a problem with the critiques he gave but his whole attitude, tone and demeanor felt like he was taking his job too seriously. As if he’s a trained dancer who knows everything about the art, or he’s a producer on the show that has some of stake in the results. It was a bit annoying how smug he was, I guess it’s better than the all but useless judging of Debbie Reynolds earlier this season — but it just seemed like it was his mission to take all the fun out of the show. Even Nigel has never been that smug — and he actually does have a reason to be.

Enough of the judges, let’s talk about the elimination. Mitchell got sent home, and I’m not surprised since the judges kind of massacred him on Wednesday. But my poor poor Clarice!! This was the spoiler that kind of soured my night last night. I haven’t watched Thursdays result show yet, but I can’t imagine a good reason for getting rid of her because she’s been great this whole season. Not only is she a beauty, but her dancing was so graceful and powerful at the same time. This is the first time this season that I actually had a real reaction to who was sent home. I just watch for the dancing and I’ve actually knocked some people for complaining about the results and the judges, but it’s just sad to see her go this quickly because I felt like she still had a lot in her America dfnt get to see. Here’s hoping she has a great career when all is said and done.


Thanks for reading, sorry for the lateness but I appreciate those who check out my recaps. Again thanks to and for the clips. And hey… leave a comment!?