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Another great night on So You Think You Can, which delivered some flawless routines and perfect technique… and oh yeah, Lady GaGa!!!

GaGa the Pop superstar joined the panel this week as a guest judge, along with “Chicago” and “Nine” director Rob Marshall. GaGa was her usual weird self, donning “i-don’t-know-how-big” shoes and turquoise hair. But just because she’s a big star didn’t make her appearance any more useful than guest judges of the past. She did add a bit more fun and quirk to the program that was much needed. And some of her advice and observations were spot on. Her critique of NappyTabs and there affinity for props was correct (yes, Jess’s hand DID read “the flower” — watch clip below), and her marking Ricky as a MODERN dancer made total sense. Towards the end though, GaGa’s constant need to bring up herself got annoying but overall she brought a nice energy to the show.

Aside from Mother Monster, this is the second week in a row that SYTYCD gave us nearly all flawless numbers. Melanie got two standing ovations, and though I was really proud of her (nearly crying with all the positive feedback of her first routine with Neil) I felt like both her routines were a little overrated. To me, it was Jordan and Tadd that stole the night and simply because they have both grown so much since the show started. Tadd’s first routine (below) had him channeling Michael Jackson, and the Mandy Moore routine was definitely one of the smoothest and funkiest routines of the night.

While Jordan gave me my favorite routine of the night, a jazz number with Ade and choreographed by Tyce Diorio (below) she really showed whats she’s made of and how far she can go. And I was really expecting Ade to outshine her, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Ricky was easily the weakest link last night. In his Jive with Anya, he couldn’t really keep up with her and he nearly dropped her. Sure he did bring a fun vibe to the routine and wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t a good partner and for that reason the routine was rather lukewarm. His Hip Hop routine with Marko (which, I didn’t care for honestly… why did NappyTabs choose a 10 year old song “Bad Boy For Life”??), he got completely owned by Marko who brought a real and genuine Hip Hop attitude while Ricky was way too loose and soft for the routine, he was even off at some points.

Still, because Nigel said he thought Ricky would be in the bottom… he probably won’t be. SYTYCD fans seem to hate Nigel, and probably voted for Ricky just to spite him. Which means somebody good will be going home in his place, and I think it might be Jess.

Caitlynn got completely out shined in her first number. There’s no way anyone watching could say that Ivan didn’t completely KILL that lyrical Hip Hop routine (and it wasn’t that great of a routine to begin with, but his fluidity and attitude took it to a new level — watch the clip below). She did fine, but she was a little too calculated. She redeemed herself in a beautiful Foxtrot with Tadd, she was completely graceful and elegant. I think for the girls, it will either be her or Jordan going home since Melanie and Sasha are pretty much guaranteed a spot in next weeks show.

This is a relatively short review in comparison to others, but at this point we love pretty much everybody so to praise them all further would be a little redundant. It’s going to be hard to figure out who will make the finale, but I’m still sticking to my prediction of Tadd taking the whole thing. And as always have to thank  and for the clips.