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Yesterday, somebody (a GaGa stan no doubt) posted Billboard’s list of Top Videos of this Decade and “Bad Romance” was #1. I don’t disagree with that video having a high placing, it is a knockout video, but #1 I’m not too sure. Looking at the rest of the list it’s obvious this was a poll where fans were going to do anything to get their favorites on the list. If you look at the Top voted Music Videos of the 80’s and 90’s, it’s made even more clear because some of those videos that are leading the list don’t even belong in a Top 100.

Let’s just break it down really quick. I’ll show what Billboard readers voted into their Top 10 for each decade, and I want to share some snubs and other videos that are amazing but might not have been seen by too many people enough to make this popularity contest.

The 10 Best ’00s Music Videos
1. Lady GaGa “Bad Romance”
2. Britney Spears “Toxic”
3. Panic! At The Disco “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”
4. Michael Jackson “You Rock My World”
5. Beyonce “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”
6. Rihanna “Disturbia”
7. Eminem “The Real Slim Shady”
8. Katy Perry “Firework”
9. Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californication”
10. Missy Elliott “Get Ur Freak On”

Agreed: “Bad Romance”, “Toxic”, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”, “Californication”
>Clearly a listing of all the popular acts of the past decade, but in most cases I feel they picked the wrong videos. Yes, “Bad Romance” “Toxic” and “Single Ladies” are of the best videos from each of those artists, however “Disturbia” “Firework” “Californication” and “Get Ur Freak On” don’t hold up as highly when compared to videos from those unique video artists.

Disagreed: “You Rock My World”, “Disturbia”, “Firework”
>See above, Rihanna has had better videos (and “Disturbia” was really just a Nine Inch Nails rip off), Katy has too even though her best wouldn’t qualify her for the Top 10 IMO. And Michael really wouldn’t have been on this list if not for his death, the “You Rock My World” video was forgotten nearly as soon as it was released in 2001.

Snubbed: Christina Aguilera “Dirrty”, Destiny’s Child “Lose My Breath”, Fatboy Slim “Praise You”, Feist “1234”, Jay-Z “On To The Next One”, Linkin Park “Faint”, Ludacris “Rollout (My Business)”, Madonna “Don’t Tell Me”, Madonna “Music”, Kylie Minogue “Come Into My World”, Missy Elliott “Work It”, OK Go “Here It Goes Again”, Red Hot Chili Peppers “Can’t Stop”, Red Hot Chili Peppers “The Zephyr Song”, Rihanna “Umbrella”, Britney Spears “Every Time”, Justin Timberlake “Cry Me A River”, Kanye West “Heartless”

1. OutKast “Hey Ya!”

2. The White Stripes “The Hardest Button To Button”

3. Beyonce “Crazy In Love”

4. Coldplay “Life In Technicolor ii”

5. Kanye West “Love Lockdown”

The 10 Best ’90s Music Videos
1. Britney Spears “…Baby One More time”
2. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson “Scream”
3. Madonna “Vogue”
4. Korn “Freak on a Leash”
5. Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
6. Eminem “My Name Is”
7. Missy Elliott “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)”
8. TLC “Waterfalls”
9. Guns N Roses “November Rain”
10. Jamiroquai “Virtual Insanity”

Agreed: “Scream”, “Freak on a Leash”, “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)”, “November Rain”, “Virtual Insanity”
>This 90’s list is much better, most of these videos listed were both impactful, unique and insanely popular. Jamiroquai’s breakthrough moment in “Virtual Insanity” still amazes years later, while Guns N Roses epic mini-movie of a video “November Rain” was an MTV favorite at the time but it still holds up even when the group is nowhere to be found.

Disagreed: “…Baby One More Time”
>There’s just absolutely no way Britney’s debut video should be anywhere near the best of the 90’s, since that was really the best decade for Music Videos. So many other inventive, revolutionary and creative videos were released and far superior to Britney’s Tween-aimed High School video, but this just goes to show that the Brit Bots don’t play when they have the opportunity.

Snubbed: Paula Abdul “Coldhearted”, Paula Abdul “Opposites Attract”, Beastie Boys “Sabotage”, Bjork “Bachelorette”, Blind Melon “No Rain”, En Vogue “Free Your Mind”, Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly”, Janet Jackson “Got Til It’s Gone”, Janet Jackson “If”, Michael Jackson “Remember the Time”, Jennifer Lopez “Waiting For Tonight”, Madonna “Bad Girl”, Madonna “Take a Bow”, Alanis Morissette “Ironic”, Pearl Jam “Jeremy”, Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away”, The Rolling Stones “Love is Strong”, Weezer “Buddy Holly”

1. Nine Inch Nails “Closer”

2. Busta Rhymes “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”

3. Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Give It Away”

4. Daft Punk “Around the World”

5. Madonna “Justify My Love”

The 10 Best ’80s Music Videos
1. Michael Jackson “Thirller”
2. Madonna “Like A Prayer”
3. Cyndia Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
4. A-ha “Take on Me”
5. Prince & The Revolution “When Doves Cry”
6. Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer”
7. Duran Duran “Hungry Like the Wolf”
8. Run DMC and Aerosmith “Walk This Way”
9. The Police “Every Breathe You Take”
10. Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation”

Agreed: “Thriller”, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Take On Me”, “Sledgehammer”, “Walk This Way”, “Rhythm Nation”
>With not as high of a volume of videos released, and even far fewer videos that stood out so choosing the best in this decade was relatively easy. Of course the iconic and game changing “Thriller” would be number one, and of course popular 80’s acts Duran Duran, The Police, Madonna and Cyndia Lauper would find themselves included.

Disagreed: “When Doves Cry”

Snubbed: Beastie Boys “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)”, Cyndi Lauper “She Bop”, Dire Straits “Money for Nothing”, Genesis “Land Of Confusion”, Herbie Hancock “Rock It”, Janet Jackson “Nasty”, Michael Jackson “Beat It”, Madonna “Papa Don’t Preach”, Lionel Richie “All Night Long”, Warrant “Cherry Pie”

1. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers “Don’t Come Around Here No More”

2. Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal”

3. The Cars “You Might Think”

4. Robert Palmer “Addicted To Love”

5. Pat Benatar “Love is a Battlefield”

I KNOW that as soon as I post this, I’m gonna think “Oh Crap, how could I forget such and such!” but the fact that those stuck out in my head is good. I just hope maybe I can expose people to some videos they might not have ever heard of.
In the end, Billboard should have titled this the top 10 FAVORITE music videos, because to really pull a list of the BEST videos of the past 30 years would take a big panel of critics and artists and most likely a huge debate. I’d be interested to see what they came up with, but this will do for now.