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I just came up with that title to honor my “Watch The Throne” week here on the blog… I really wanted to title it WORST FINALE EVER!!! It was truly, truly uneventful. Hardly any of the routines (only three) stood out, others were either interesting concepts and choreography given to the wrong dancers, or just uninspired and nothing special compared to the routines from this season.

And add to the disappointing numbers, SYTYCD had their most useless guest judge yet in Katie Holmes (a GREAT IMDB post by lexi_jay reads Why didn’t they just stick a plant in Katie’s spot?” LMAO!!). The whole panel (which also included guest judge Kenny Ortega) was actually rather useless tonight. At one point it felt like they just stopped critiquing and just replayed their past glowing comments to the dancers. Just not a great night, but here’s a quick play by play.

Melanie and Marko were reunited, and they completely dropped the ball on a Disco routine (which oddly enough I commented there was a surprising lack of that genre this season up till tonight). They both had patches of greatness, Melanie with the character and Marko with the energy, but like Mary Murphy said they kept falling in and out of the style.

One of the three great routines of the night came from Sasha and All-Star (and member of the Haus of GaGa) Mark Kanumera. The Sonya Tayeh routine was perfectly weird and they both gave it 125%. Also major props go to Sonya, this is the first routine to a Dubstep track I’ve actually liked.

Tadd tackled a Lil C choreographed routine with Season 4 Winner Joshua. It was alright. Unlike Kenny Ortega, I thought the pairing wasn’t thought out well enough. No matter what Joshua was going to annihilate Tadd in the routine — I actually didn’t allow myself to watch Joshua because I wanted to judge Tadd on his own. He did a good job, but it wasn’t a FINALE routine.

Melanie and All Star Robert got a contemporary routine, and yes it was beautiful. Yes Melanie was technically flawless. Does it stand out over some of the amazing contemporary routines she’s done this season, NO.

Sasha and Marko paired up for a Broadway number with Spencer Liff. I thought it was fun and cute, and I loved Marko’s comedic work. Again, was it anything that was mind blowing or super creative, not really, but it was great fun.

Sasha came right back for a Cha Cha with Tadd. Such and interesting and forward thinking idea by choreographer Mark Ballas that was given to the wrong dancers. Especially Tadd whose lower half was so stiff, Sasha seemed better but I have a feeling Tadd was blocking her potential with this routine.

Thankfully the next routine was the another one of the three stand out routines. Marko matched with last season winner Lauren was a breath of fresh air. Tessandra Chavez choreographed a really heartfelt and real routine, and I love the fact that it’s not a totally technical number but more about the feel and love of dance.

Melanie and Tadd’s Jazz routine by Ray Leeper was decent. Like most of the judges noted Melanie’s opening stance was probably the fiercest thing of the night, but again it didn’t feel anything new for the viewers of this show.

The third great routine with Sasha and Melanie was great for it’s technicality sure, but somehow choreographer Stacey Tooky made it kind of haunting and mysterious. It was like reading a novel not knowing what happened in the beginning and not knowing how it’s going to end. It was refreshing to get that feeling.

Tadd and Marko closed the show with a terribly cheesy and un-synced Step routine. This is another case of a way too technical routine (and extremely technical and fast paced song) given to two dancers that couldn’t quite make it work. They tried, but they were seldom together in their steps. And the miner gear and props really took away from the whole routine.

So, BOOOO to SYTYCD for an awful awful Finale. I just wonder if maybe this seasons dancers, which I thought were really good, just haven’t been as great as past seasons. At this point they should have all been able to tackle anything like a pro, but so many balls were dropped tonight it’s ridiculous. It could also be a fatigue factor I suppose, whatever was wrong the show needs to fix it for next season.

As far as my predictions. I think Marko is actually going to take it, even though I’ve been gunning for Tadd to win the whole time. Based on tonight, Tadd was the worst dancer hands down. He has the charisma and likeability, and he has been fairly solid this whole season, so he does still have a shot but if you make your decision based on tonight alone… he’s gone.

Melanie has been praised this season, but I also felt she was a little disappointing tonight. And when it comes down to it, she’s too much of a judges favorite to really pull the win. Typically if it’s down to a fan favorite and judge favorite, the fan favorite always takes it. Melanie is an incredible dancer though so she’s really just getting started.

Sasha was probably my favorite of tonight, and last weeks as well. She displayed a real fighter spirit tonight, and she really has a good chance of winning. I might have called her for the win if Nigel hadn’t predicted the winner would be a girl. And based on the Ricky vote this season, it shows that fans of the show hate Nigel so much they’ll do the opposite of anything he says.

Which leaves Marko, who was really competing tonight. He did everything (except the Step routine) the way it was supposed to be done, and this whole season he’s been the most chameleon-like as far as changing his adapting to different characters effectively. And with the interview portions tonight, Marko came off the most genuine and the one that would benefit the most from winning.

We’ll see tomorrow when the results show hopes to redeem itself from possibly this season worst episode. And as always, thanks to 0yramary0 for the YouTube clips.