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How appropriate, as my “Watch The Throne” Week is coming to a close and the physical album is available today, Vevo premiered Jay Z and Kanye West‘s music video to second single “Otis”.

While it’s not a revolutionary video by any means, It’s enjoyable for a few reasons. WTF did they do to that Maybach? I thought at the beginning they were just going to spend the whole video destroying it to say “hey, we’re THAT rich we can just destroy luxury vehicles for fun”, but they turned it into a weird backwards no doors “Deloreon” looking speedster.

The other great thing about the video is you can see how close those two are, they are smiling throughout most of the video and just having a good time. My only two complaints are … they couldn’t find any attractive BLACK WOMEN to have riding in the back? And WHY is Aziz Ansari there!? Otherwise, really fun and simple video.