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So many rumors surrounding the upcoming MTV VMA’s (I’m going to try to boycott, seriously) it took me back to the good old days of the VMA’s, the 90’s! This is when they used to honor music videos that were great and not just popular, and when they had performers who were somewhat respected and not just chart toppers. Flashing back to the 1993 MTV VMA’s, and it’s Video of the Year winner “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder has always been king of the mumblers, and I remember not really comprehending what he was talking about for the longest “Chair and me slow gun, past the day”? Once I did realize what the band was hoping to shed light on, and how the video fit in perfectly with the very dark and tragic concept, a whole new respect for the band came. And not only was the song and video powerful, it was a little prophetic as Jeremy murdering his class mates came 7 years before the Columbine killings where something very similar took place. (The video is a little abstract actually, it looks like he killed them but I hear the video was inspired by a student who killed himself in front of his class — which also could be the case in this video, depends on how you want to interpret it I guess)
Yes, back than MTV actually had a great connection and understanding of their youth. They recognized their problems and addressed them, instead of now trying to ruin them (which is exactly what they are doing with shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Skins”). Anyhow, here’s the video. Enjoy.