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In my earlier post, I knocked Britney Spears‘ “Tribute” at the upcoming MTV VMA’s. Truth be told, even though on her recordings she’s basically a robot, Spears has actually contributed some great videos in her career. Deserving of full on praise, I’m not sure, but check out some of her best moments in Music Video.

10. “Baby… One More Time

Easily her most iconic video, and it was her first. The Catholic school girl outfit became a big deal for all the pervs out there with a teenage girl fantasy, and it established Britney early on as the girl who played virginal but (purposely?) exudes sex appeal.

9. “Radar

A simple video, but the storyline matches up with her life perfectly (is the guy attending the horses K-Fed? The song is definitely about him) and she looks the most flawless she’s been in the past few years.

8. “If You Seek Amy

The accompanying music video for this very tongue-in-cheek song, comes off very dark and edgy. Yet in the end it’s still fun, and it actually delivers a great message. What you see in the media is NOT what goes on behind closed doors.

7. “My Prerogative

Sexy! Sexy! Sexy! Spears has always tried to push the Sex button in her videos, but in this one she comes off so naturally sexy without even trying hard. Maybe because at the time she was so in love (lust?), it just translates so well to the screen.

6. “Circus

Britney’s entire “Blackout” era showed Britney “barely-there”, even when she was dancing she had a bit of a blank look in her eyes. This was really the first video in years that showed Britney present, energetic and looking like she was actually having fun. I also love the editing here.

5. “I’m A Slave 4 U

This hot and sweaty dance number is one of her most famous videos, and rightfully so. Though it doesn’t dominate the video, this is some of her best choreography and the staging of it all is so well done and sexy.

4. “Me Against The Music
(Odd! The Video is totally gone from YouTube!?)
You might have expected a collaboration with Queen of Pop Madonna to be a little more epic, this is a FUN video but the major selling point is that Britney is going IN on the choreography. This is probably the hardest Britney has ever danced and for that major applause is due.

3. “Stronger

An early video, and one of the first to really impress me. Because most of it is just her by herself, she gets to show off some great moves and Joseph Kahn’s weird CGI elements set the video over the top.

2. “Every Time

A big change from form, this video was quite controversial at the time for the “did she or didn’t she” suicide at the end. The video wins because it shows a great story, one that was eerily similar to Britney’s own life at the time. And she looked amazing as well.

1. “Toxic

This video is the culmination of everything Britney is famous for. It’s non-stop fun, it’s oozing sex, and it shows her looking hot in different styles. This is a video you’d have to be a true stick in the mud to NOT enjoy.