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The biggest story coming from Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards was the surprise announcement that Beyoncé was with-child. Because the story has been written and talked about so much since than, I was second guessing whether I should make a post about it.

Obviously (since you’re reading it now) I decided to go ahead and talk about it, mainly because the reaction from fans and haters alike was so odd and I wanted to get a few things off my chest.

My Reaction

As a huge fan of both Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z, I’m EXTREMELY happy for both of them. Just seeing the now famous Tweet (which broke Twitter records) of her holding her baby bump on the “black” carpet made me smile “from ear to ear”. Than the actual reveal at the end of her performance of “Love on Top”, and Jay’s reaction, was just too cute for words.

There were some tell-tell signs prior to the VMA’s.  Watching YouTube footage weeks ago from her “4 Intimate Nights” shows at NYC’s Roseland theater, I questioned if she was preggers. The outfit did a lot to hide the bump, but you could still see enough to wonder. Also during her performance about a month ago on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show, you can totally see a bump (even though you have to really focus on that area, which is probably why nobody really took notice the first time around).

Putting the “announcement” in perspective it can also explain the very strange “4” pre-release promotion. Beyoncé is usually a marketing genius, but this time everything from the single releases, the release dates, the public appearances and the lack of press releases was really odd to me. Now it makes sense.

If Beyoncé is about 4-5 months pregnant now, she must have started this era with the baby secret. Given the confusion the pregnancy probably caused, she did a decent job of handling her business while maintaining her privacy. And even with the flubbing of “4”‘s pre-release, the album is still a very solid seller. She really deserves this break, even though it’s a shocker, this came at a great time in her career.

Hater reaction

Beyoncé’s haters are constantly on her, she can’t do anything without them finding something negative to say about it. Especially when she’s getting loads of attention. Since the pregnancy announcement really stole the spotlight from everybody at the VMA’s, the haters came with claws out.

In no time Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr were buzzing with the good news and also the haters trying to rain on the parade.

A few things that stood out to me, the idea that Beyoncé’s career is over because of the pregnancy. That’s just wishful thinking on their parts. Beyoncé has established herself over the past 15 years of her career, she’s gotten so many accolades, broken so many records and had so many legendary performances. And not only do her fans adore her, but a good number of Legendary Artists like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, and Prince have gone out of their way to praise her.

Obviously, at this point Beyoncé isn’t just a flash in the pan “It” girl  that needs to constantly be in the spotlight to stay relevant. She’s also been so versatile in her discography that she’s no longer boxed into just R&B (although she has a very loyal and loving fanbase there still).

Than I started thinking, “has pregnancy EVER hurt a female artists career”!? The answer I came up with is NO! So many Divas have taken breaks to have kids and their careers didn’t suffer at all because of it. Madonna and Whitney Houston got some of the best sales, reviews of their careers and hand fulls of awards post-child birth. Lauryn Hill not only had a baby right before her classic solo debut was released, but she was pregnant during promotions of that award-winning and critically hailed album. Add Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill and Jill Scott among others and you’ll see that pregnancy doesn’t hurt but possibly helps female artists.

The other hater  reaction that’s barely worth mentioning is the idea that she exploited her personal life in her reveal and that it was tacky. Personally I think she did this in a classy and unique way. Instead of getting the cover of a lame gossip magazine, or having a highly publicized interview on TV about it (like other peers have done), Beyoncé didn’t go out of her way to announce it. She was obviously going to be at the VMA’s being the star she is, so I think it was a clever way of announcing it without making a big deal over it.

Fan Reaction

Yes most of us Stans are happy for Bey and Jay, but the oddest reaction of them all had to come from a good number of Stans online. Some Stans are really disappointed and upset about her pregnancy, feeling like having the baby would derail any further promotion for “4”. They feared there would be no worldwide tour as usual, no future Award Show performances, and that it would interfere with her role in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming “A Star Is Born” remake.

These concerns are understandable as a fan, but Beyoncé is so good to her fans and those complaining should be happy she thought of them before hand. About a month ago fans were confused about her shooting music videos for more than 5 songs from “4” (“1+1” was released the week of the VMA’s, she has allegedly shot videos for “Party”, “Love on Top”, “Countdown”, “End of Time”, Schoolin Life” and “Dance For You”). Now it’s clear this was done in preparation for a break, while still leaving her fans with something to enjoy. Aside from the music videos, it was also announced that the aforementioned “4 Intimate Nights” Roseland Theater performances were recorded for an upcoming DVD.

As far as “A Star Is Born”, in late-June she confirmed she was still on deck to film “A Star Is Born” (she obviously knew she was pregnant at the time), it seems clear that Clint won’t change his mind and is working around her pregnancy. So all of those concerns can be put aside, and if we don’t get a world tour I don’t mind waiting for the next album personally.

In the end, the vast majority of people (celebs talking about in the clip posted above) are really happy for Jay and Bey. They might be the most likable celebrity power couple standing, and since there have been so many pregnancy rumors since they began dating it’s nice to see they have officially taken that next step in building a dynasty.

(and here’s something CRAZY about me. I’ve said for years, I wouldn’t mind dying right now if I could be reincarnated as their baby! How awesome would it be to have Jay-Z and Beyoncé as your mom and dad!? Anyway, that means this blog might end some time next year. Wouldn’t that be a trip!? LOL!!)

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