Yesterday, frustrated at the minimal traffic to this blog, I posted something in the WordPress forums asking what is wrong with my blog and why I don’t have any subscribers and very limited comments.

The unanimous answer was that all I talk about is Entertainment, and all of my stories (though I do try to put my spin on them) have been written about by hundreds of bloggers by the time I post. So it’s redundant.

So yesterday when I read the news that Eddie Murphy was officially going to host next years Academy Awards, I thought it would be a good idea to write about how he’s perfect for it and how the producers are so smart for the decision.

Low and behold, today I sign into Yahoo and there’s already an article (two articles actually, one article and one article that quotes another article) about that very thing I was going to write about.

Here is that article: “Wow, Eddie Murphy Really IS Going to Host the Oscars (UPDATE)

So basically, this post is going to be mad short!

Why he’s a great choice!

He hasn’t done stand up comedy in DECADES!! And hundreds upon thousands of fans are eager to see him do what he does best. And even the non-fans will be excited. Murphy was a mainstream force in the 80’s, Everybody loved him. So him doing stand up will be possibly re-igniting that love, and it could ultimately help his career.

The only downside, he may be a little rusty after all of those years off. However, it’s just the Oscars, all he really has to focus on is the monologue. He’s quick witted enough to do random commentary as the show goes on, but the monologue is going to be the most important because the mainstream media is going to be waiting for any and every little thing to downplay him (he’s black!). Now that he has months to prepare, he should do an excellent job though.

Why it’s a great decision for the Oscars!

After last years flub of picking hosts (Anne Hathaway was great and charming, James Franco has openly said he wasn’t into the idea of hosting and he blames the producers for his lifeless and detached job), going back to an actual comedian will look good for viewers.

And the Oscars will probably score their biggest black audience in years thanks to Eddie. The show hasn’t had a black host since Chris Rock in 2004, so having not only a black host… but an Iconic and Legendary host of Murphy’s caliber will draw in an audience that doesn’t generally care about these types of awards.

And that’s it.

I have no more to say.