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In August, I asked “Can ‘Entourage’ end on a Good Note?“. And after watching the Series Finale, the answer is clear. It COULD have ended great, but instead it was horrible… even worse than I could even imagine.

There was a glimmering ray of hope this final season on HBO’s “Entourage“, yet that little ray of hope was just an illusion apparently. The Episode before the series finale was pretty great. All of our guys accomplished something, found something out about themselves they had been trying to deny, or had a new goal in their lives. It was an episode that made me smile at the end because for once the writers gave everybody something for us viewers to care about and get emotionally invested in.

This past Sunday was the series finale (which actually surprised me, I thought there might have been two or three more episodes left), and unfortunately from the very beginning it was already falling apart. As a fan of “Entourage” it’s entire existence (even when it really sucked), the finale was such a huge disappointment. Predictable, corny, cheesy, unrealistic, and mainly just a quick wrap up of the show with no real finesse, creativity or surprises at all. It was such a disappointment I didn’t feel like writing about it, but I’ve noticed that other fans of the show feel the same way.

I won’t waste too much time or words talking about it, but I can go through the characters and show how the writers just completely dropped the ball in the finale, and throughout the season. Vince, our star, is just as impulsive and bratty as ever. The “distinguished, intelligent and savvy” British (and blonde) journalist that he was enamored with (strictly because she wouldn’t fall for his flirty charm) ended up accepting his marriage proposal after only one date. Hmmm that doesn’t seem likely, and the writers couldn’t even be bothered to show us how he convinced her to do that. Vince just showed up and said he was getting married, and his fiancee was only on screen at the very end and I don’t recall her saying anything.

Ari went back to his wife, who miraculously had a change of heart concerning him at the last minute. He ends up quitting his job to spend a year with her in Italy. I can say that Ari’s character is the only one who actually had an emotional change this season, so it’s not all that strange that he would make a decision like this. Just seems like he had such a great chemistry with Dana that you’d think what man would want to go back to his overbearing and nit-picky wife (who seemed to change herself in the past few seasons).

And the thing that completely ruined the finale for me, Eric and Sloan. I had predicted there would be this cheesy “begging for Sloan to come back” from Eric in the finale. However the writers went even MORE “High-school” than I imagined and had Turtle, Drama and finally Vince convincing her (with lies) to get back with Eric. And after telling him in the previous episode that she didn’t want to have anything to do with him EVER, she has a 3 hour change of heart and (and this is gag inducing) shows up at the Airport at the last minute in a long flowing red gown! REALLY!???

Drama and Turtle were just supporting players in this episode, and since they are the humor of the show they could have been used more effectively. But obviously you can’t expect much from the hacks that are writing for the show, they’ve seriously ruined a great show in the past few seasons and didn’t seem to care to try and salvage it for the finale. The cliff hanger at the very end was a bright moment, and it’s obviously leading up to the alleged film spin off. Did it make me care enough to be excited for the movie… NO! If they are using the same writers that ran the show into the ground, than the expect the movie to be HORRIBLE and make the “Sex and the City” movies look like “All About Eve”.

Really sad, but at least it’s over!!