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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Pop Princess Rihanna, but her new single “We Found Love” is majorly disappointing for me even if the song isn’t half bad.

The song is cute and dancey, but it’s mad Basic. It’s so similar to the “radio dance” sound that has really over-worn it’s welcome at this point. The song (production wise) screams David Guetta, Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything”, Ke$ha and “Party Rock Anthem”. Two things make it somewhat unique, it’s not as over-produced and noisy as some of the other radio hits, it’s definitely a little more stripped down (if you can believe that). The only other thing that sets it apart is Rihanna’s unique voice, and even that is used minimally here. So it’s not a terrible song, but it definitely feels like “filler” coming from Rihanna.

She’s always been a little more forward thinking, she’s actually one of the artists that helped this “Pop-Dance” sound invade radio over the last 5 or 6 years. So this new song (produced by Calvin Harris by the way) feels more like her falling in with the current sound without doing anything to really go to the next level. Even last years “Only Girl (In The World)” was different than the homogenized “radio dance” sound and was more true to the Club/House sound of the 90’s.

I know I’ll end up falling in love with the song, as I always do with her music, but it’ll still be a really basic and almost lazy track from her. And the funniest thing about the song is the reaction. I’ve seen comments that “the production slays my life” (really? so you’re life must be slayed every time you listen to Pop Radio than!), “this is a new sound for her” (um!? in what way? because she normally says more than 6 words in her hooks!?).  Some fans (like me) have been honest that the song is pretty “regular”, but (like me) have high hopes for the album coming in November.

If the album goes down the same path as the single, Rihanna might be in a bad situation. Hopefully the outcome is a versatile, well-rounded and a little riskier and forward-thinking than this song.

It’s also a good indicator that this Dance-Pop trend needs to END … SOON!! When one of the acts who helped bring the sound to the mainstream is going back to the bare basics of the sound… and her fans are reacting like it’s something totally new!!?