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I have been going back and forth since Saturday about whether I should post something about Whitney Houston‘s death. Honestly I was really shocked, even though we knew she was going through problems I just had this idea that Whitney would be one of those Diva’s to grow old. To have her life end at just 48 years old is sad, it’s just a testament that she couldn’t get it together. And even with her battle with drugs, her death really saddened me because she was a huge icon of my era. I grew up with Whitney, and every body in my generation has much love and adoration for her as a person and her flawless voice (before it started deteriorating of course).

That said, I didn’t know what to write about her… but it’s Valentine’s Day, and Whitney gave us some very classic Love songs. So here are my Top 15 Favorite Love Songs from Whitney. Read this, make a playlist, and celebrate both Love and Loss with Whitney today.

15. You’ll Never Stand Alone

This album cut from 1998’s “My Love Is Your Love” may sound like your run of the mill inspirational ballad, but the message of unwavering support and love from someone close to you are perfect for V-Day. “You’ll always have a home, in these arms of mine, you’ll never stand alone, I’ll be standing by”

14. Saving All My Love For You

Almost didn’t include this because, well, she’s the “other woman” in this classic early hit. However, the lyrics could easily be tuned out given the beautiful arrangement. It shouldn’t sour any romantic mood for couples, and might end up being the anthem for the lonely mistresses today.

13. Love Will Save The Day

This song, from 1987’s “Whitney”, may not be about the love two people feel for one another. But the upbeat club single does bring to light the importance of love “There’s an answer in your heart, so let your light shine on my dear, and love will save the day,Love will save the day”. So if you’ve had a pretty crappy 2012 so far, forget all of that and appreciate love with Cupid for Valentine’s.

12. Could I Have This Kiss Forever

An almost forgotten relic from her 2000 “Greatest Hits” album. This duet with Enrique Iglesias is all about intimacy between long lost lovers. Perfect for any Valentine’s who are working a long distance relationship, and want this night to last a lifetime. “Over and over I’ve dreamed of this night, now you’re here by my side, you are next to me”

11. Things You Say

Written by Missy Elliot, this laid back R&B number from 2002’s “Just Whitney” talks about a sweet talking lover who just knows all the right things to say to make their love feel wanted and needed. Keep this is mind when filling out those Valentine’s Day cards “I listen to the things you say, to me baby, in a poem or song, serenade my heart”

10. Lover for Life

A very jazzy and relaxed R&B ode from her underrated 1990 album “I’m Your Baby Tonight”. Houston lays it all on the line for her guy “take me I’m your prisoner, will you sentence me to be your lover for life”

9. Million Dollar Bill

The Swizz Beatz produced lead single from Houston’s final 2009 album “I Look To You” is an upbeat funky track about the guy that makes her feel “like a million dollar bill”. A break from the slow ballads, but with the great sentiment of undying love and adoration from your spouse.

8. Run to You

Not my favorite “The Bodyguard” single, but clearly a great and timeless Love ballad from the Diva at her peak. About a tormented woman who longs for love in the midst of a hectic career “what’s the sense of trying to find your dreams, without some one to share it with, tell me what does it mean, i want to Run to You”

7. If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful

This duet with Jermaine Jackson is ultra-sappy, but that’s what makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day. The lyrics are pretty amazing, and a beautiful message to the couples out there. “If you say my eyes are beautiful, It’s because they’re looking at you, And if you could only see yourself, You’d feel the same way too.”

6. You Give Good Love

Another classic early hit from her record breaking debut album. This song simply describes in so many way why YOUR Valentine deserves all the love today, and year round. “It took some time for me to see, that you give good love to me, baby”

5. All the Man That I Need

Ladies, this is the epic ballad you MUST sing to your man today. In this classic, Whitney talks about her life long quest to find love and the man that made it all worth it. A beautiful song, powerful lyrics and an epic vocal.

4. I Have Nothing

Another huge “The Bodyguard” hit, and one of her best vocal performances. This is almost “All The Man” part two, just her reiterating that he’s all she’ll ever need. “you break down my walls, with the strength of your love… I don’t really need to look, very much further”

3. I Believe in You and Me

A remake of a song by the Four Tops, Whitney took this for “The Preachers Wife” soundtrack and totally made it her own. A great song for those couples with the faith that their union will out last all. “maybe i’m a fool, to feel the way i do, but i will play the fool forever, just to be with you forever”.

2. My Love is Your Love

This Wyclef Jean produced, reggae-inspired anthem is one of Whitney’s all time best. Though it seems clear she was singing it to her daughter, the message of “you and me against the world” is just as meaningful if you sing it to your spouse, or anyone you truly will love to the end of time.

1. I Will Always Love You

Odd choice given the lyrics, it’s not really about being in love. These two lovers have grown apart, but the feelings in their hearts remain the same. Still a perfect Valentine’s Day anthem just because of the hook and Whitney’s flawless vocal performance here.

One last thing, I feel really compelled to post this video of Whitney from 1985. This was her debut performance before she became the Legend she is. It’s just an AMAZING vocal performance OF “Home” from “The Wiz”, and a true testament that this woman was blessed with one of the most angelic voices ever. She may be gone, but her music will definitely live on for generations. Enjoy the clip, and Enjoy Valentine’s Day!! Love the one you’re with.