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Interesting (quasi-embarrassing) tidbit about me ; when I was in Junior High I started to make my own Top 10 Music Charts. Who really knows why, but I started one day in my 7th grade Math class just ranking my favorite current songs. And from than it took a life of it’s own… and I consistently updated my chart every week until I was 20 when I finally got a bit of a social life and had to let it go.

Now, 12 years later, I’m bringing it back!! Of course things have changed, instead of this being a list of my favorite Current songs… it will just be a ranking of songs that stood out to me during the week. Whether it be new current singles, or songs I loved growing up that I’ve just re-discovered, or older songs that I never knew about. Anything could make this list, and I’m going to try to update it every week with a brand new set of 10 to keep it exciting.

10. Swizz Beatz Feat. LL Cool J & Mashonda “Ghetto Love”
I pulled out a CD I burned in 2002. This song was one I totally forgot about, while it’s not amazing it’s a nice relaxing song that I always dug.

9. The Police “Hole in My Life”
Simply for this line : “Be a happy man, I try the best I can, Or maybe I’m just looking for too much”

8. Whitney Houston “My Name is Not Susan”
Whitney could tackle ballads, house records, pop songs and soulful R&B. But this track, one of my favorites at the time, showed she could also attack the early 90’s New-Jack-Swing stuff and own it.

7. Tina Turner “Whole Lotta Love”
A few months ago I listened to Tina’s second official solo album “Acid Queen” for the first time, it’s pretty amazing and this remake of a Led Zeppelin classic is sexual, soulful and just perfection.

6. Talking Heads “Mind”
I can’t seem to get over early Talking Heads, and this funky laid back track became one of my favorites this week out of nowhere.

5. Michael Jackson “Stranger in Moscow”
Such a beautiful and underrated single from the King of Pop.

4. Fleet Foxes “Blue Ridge Mountains”
I listen to the Foxes whenever I want to chill and zone out, and this song is always the stand out from their debut album.

3. Chris Brown “Turn Up the Music”
With the recent release of two Breezy/RiRi remix collabs being hyped, I ended up downloading the original version of this song that I had never heard. Yeah the lyrics are basic, but it’s fun and the track is pretty insane.

2. Drake Feat. The Weeknd “Crew love
Easily one of my least favorite tracks from Take Care at first, it has really grown on me. It’s mainly the track which is very simple but deep at the same time (make sense?)

1. Prince “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”
Recently re-visited what I consider one of my favorite albums of all time (maybe the #1) “1999”. This track, that I have always loved but wasn’t necessarily a favorite, really grabbed me this week.
(can’t figure out how to embed right now, i’ll come back later and fix it)

I started to post this last Friday, but got busy with work and didn’t finish it. so here’s the list from last week…

1. The Police “Invisible Sun”
2. Tamia “Officially Missing You”
3. Billy Idol “Dancing With Myself”
4. Talking Heads “Cities”
5. Amerie “1 Thing”
6. Mark Ronson Feat. Amy Winehouse “Valerie”
7. Whitney Houston “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”
8. M83 “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire”
9. TLC “Creep”
10. Violent Femmes “Gone Daddy Gone”

(I’m gonna post this, but I think YouTube is acting kind of crazy right now so the videos might not work… I’ll re-edit when they get themselves together!!)