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It’s back!!

My week in music!? Well, I didn’t say this before but I was forced to buy a new PC recently. I’m happy with it, but it wiped out all my play counts and ratings on iTunes so I have been listening to random chunks of my collection to rate and fun stuff like that. Anyway I hit a R. Kelly chunk, and haven’t really moved on until this morning. Other than that, just randomness as you’ll see below.

10. Wild Nothing “Drifter”
I’m very lukewarm about Wild Nothing’s album “Gemini”, but this song is one of the clear stand outs. Who knows what they are saying but it’s a very calming and nicely layered track.

9. 311 “Amber”
My ultimate chill song, funny because I actually just discovered this in the past two years. So glad I did because it puts me in such a nice calm mode — like I’m sitting on the beach with a Corona just enjoying the scene.

8. Active Child “Johnny Belinda”
I LOVE Active Child’s album “You Are All I See”, but this week this song really stood out to me for some reason. It’s standard for the type of sound he delivers on that album, very relaxed and electro’d out. Hmmm, seems like I was really in a calm chill mood this week (wonder if it’ll be drastically different next week… #StayTuned)

7. R. Kelly “Real Talk”
THE most ghetto, nonsensical sh*t you ever heard, but probably the funniest sh*t you ever heard on an R&B album… and I LOVE IT!! Who can help but bust out laughing at Kells BELT OUT a line like “… Bitch I wish you would burn my Mutha-Fucking clothes”. Why he never wrote a full musical movie or play is beyond me.

6. The Black Keys “Lonely Boy”
A ‘Black Keys vs. White Stripes’ argument came up on IMDB this week, and someone linked the video to this song. The video is HIGH-larious, and the song is pretty kick ass (I Finally listened to the album “El Camino”, and this is a favorite but not even the best, which is a really great thing).

5. The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”
Of course, my vote in that argument was for The White Stripes. I do love their first four albums, and this is easily one of my favorites by them… I think more than anything just the instrumentation makes this track.

4. Santigold “Disparate Youth”
I’m so late, I know this song was released like a month ago but I just heard it this week. And it’s awesome because it’s Santigold working that Dancehall/Alternative/Electro/Indie vibe that I really dig, and only they can deliver. Can’t wait for the new album “Master of my Make Believe” in May.

3. Michael Jackson “Off The Wall”
Got hit with a MJ spell earlier this week, and THIS my friends is one of his best songs ever. From his best album ever. (read my “classic album review” here)

2. R. Kelly feat. Rock City “Crazy Night”
This song from Kells’ 2009 “Untitled” album actually started my R. Kelly fixation this week, it’s just a track that you can’t help but shake some thangs to, and so catchy.

1. OutKast feat. Cee-Lo, Erykah Badu & Big Rube “Liberation”
“Aquemini” is probably my favorite Hip Hop Album of All-Time… and this inspirational, very moving and very relaxing closing (well, it should have been) cut is truly a gem that every body needs to hear. And I SO relate, as I’m sure everybody can “can’t worry ’bout, what a nigga think, now that’s Liberation, and baby I WANT IT!”