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10. Mariah Carey “Vanishing”
Was watching the BET Honors on YouTube since I missed all of the telecasts. I was thinking if I was an artist what song I’d sing for her. It came down to this simple but powerful ballad from her debut album and 1995’s “Underneath the Stars”. This obviously won out.

9. The Black Keys “Money Maker”
Earlier this week I was on a serious “El Camino” kick, I like pretty much every song, but this Doors-ish number became another favorite.
(Sorry — or maybe not sorry — but I can only find Live versions of this song right now!)

8. Animal Collective “My Girls”
My #2 Single of 2009, I was listening to Panda Bear’s “Tomboy” album randomly and had to go to “Merriweather Post Pavilion” and hear this totally mesmerizing and psychedelic track one more ‘gain.

7. Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris “We Found Love”
Ugh. This song is STILL so incredibly basic to me, but … that build up to the hook ALWAYS gives me life.

6. How To Dress Well “Ready for the World”
Moody Indie R&B! It had been a minute since I listened to How To Dress Well’s album “Love Remains” so I re-visited it, and it’s only right that this song makes the list this week because it’s the song that made me intrigued to check it out in the first place.

5. U2 “Sunday Bloody Sunday”
I probably need to up my U2 collection. I have only one full album by them in my iTunes and only a few songs from their “Greatest Hits” collection. Meanwhile, this song had me rocking the other day at work.

4. Panda Bear “Slow Motion”
I remember first hearing the album “Tomboy” and thinking… ‘wow! they are so biting off of animal collective’, turns out it’s just the same guy under a different moniker. Knowing that the album a lot more enjoyable and this Hip Hop influenced chant-y Indie/Electro/Psychadellic track is a clear stand out on the album.

3. Prince & The Revolution “Computer Blue”
As I prepare for part two of my Prince Discography Review (part one here), been listening to a lot of Prince late this week. And this wasn’t necessarily one of my favorites growing up… but over the past few years has become a stand out. It’s all about that guitar break down in the middle.

2. The Notorious B.I.G. “One More Chance/ Stay with Me”
It’s the anniversary of Biggie’s death today, (thanks Twitter for reminding me)… so of course I had to show some love today. I mean “Notorious Thugs” is his best song ever… but I just remember getting in trouble over this song. I ran up a pretty high phone bill requesting this song on The Box (y’all remember that!?). I still love it though, this is classic Hip Hop.

1. Brandy & Monica “It All Belongs To Me”
When I first heard this song about a month ago, I thought it was cute but it left a bit of a lukewarm impression. The music video was released this week, and even though it’s a simple standard video it just made me appreciate the song a little more, and now I’m hooked!