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Happy Monday!
Some of you might be wondering… “What the hell happened to the Top 10 Songs this past Friday?” Well as “MDNA Week” begins today, last week was “Midterm” week with so many papers due and tests to study for. By Friday, I was spent… I did a rough draft of seven songs but when I got home I didn’t even log onto the computer before falling off to sleep. So sorry for the wait, but it’s cool because I can add a few songs I was loving (and rather embarrassed that I couldn’t get out of my head) over the weekend.

10. Madonna “Girl Gone Wild”
still not going crazy over the song, but the video that came out last week is pretty amazing. sexy, visually stunning, good dancing, and Madge looks great. definitely brought a new dimension to the song, which is still a very basic output. (get ready for “MDNA Week!”)

9. Beyonce “Dreamgirls”
How did I get Here? I forget now, but one song led to another which led to another and somehow I landed on the “Dreamgirls” movie soundtrack and this was one of the highlights. The scene is so pretty, and Beyonce’s err Deena’s spin towards the end gives me life every time.

8.(tie) Jason Segel & Walter “Man or Muppet”/ Amy Adams & Miss Piggy “Me Party”
Yes! I Went There. So I’m a kid of the 80’s so The Muppets were like my heroes, so when the recent movie “The Muppets” was released for rent I had to see it. And these two campy, cheesy and hilarious songs stuck in my head for the whole weekend. I still have “I’m a Muppety Man” replaying in my mind.

7. Bob Marley & The Wailers “War”
First line: “Until the philosophy which hold one race superior, and another inferior, Is Finally and Permanently Discredited and Abandoned, Everywhere is War!” … enough said! #TrayvonMartin

6. Jennifer Hudson “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”
Did Jennifer sing the Hell out of this song!!?? Yes she did!!! After not seeing the movie or hearing the soundtrack for a minute, I came back to this and was as impressed as when I heard it the first time. She did a phenomenal job.

5. Sleigh Bells “End of the Line”
I BOUGHT an album this weekend (well two! thanks Sopa! *laugh), this had been on my wish list for a while and I JUST finished it, but this song was an early stand out. It’s so peaceful, but still has those heavy and intense synths that the Bells are known for now. Could this be a single that makes top 40!? Who cares, but it’s an awesome song.
(you’ll have to settle for a live clip.)

4. M.I.A. “Bird Flu”
This track is so… different! I can’t really even explain what it is that I love about it, but it’s definitely something a little off-kilter but I can still dance my butt off to it.

3. Barrington Levy “Sensimella”
Last week, I was trying to find “new/old” music from some Reggae legends. Along with Barrington I grabbed some Steel Pulse, Aswad and Black Uhuru. This song, among a few from Barrington’s “Poor Man Style” album, stuck with me.

2. Major Lazer feat. The Partysquad “Original Don”
When I first grabbed this track, I was kind of like “wtf!?”… but it’s catchy so I kept going back to it. Now I pretty much love it. Yeah sometimes it gets a little exhausting, but I love this mix of Dancehall and what I’ve been told is called HardStyle. Fun song.

1. Usher “Climax”
Usher is really out to make sure his seat as King of R&B is still his. And this song can easily do it. It’s a bit of elevated R&B, a really strange but simple track by Diplo with some great lyrics and some standard flawless and very much alive vocals by Mr. Raymond. Can’t wait to see what else is on this forthcoming album, because this song is pure gold. (And I also really love the video!)