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“MDNA” Week continues… and how could I possibly have a Madonna week and not celebrate her amazing Videography. From her start, she’s been making videos that are groundbreaking, taboo, dramatic, sexy, thought provoking, controversial and every thing in between. The Queen of Re-Invention often used her music videos to shock with a new look, or just shock with the concepts or social commentary. The only problem was narrowing the list down to a Top 10, as so many awesome videos had to be left out (some of my favorites that suffered from the chopping block : “Music”, “Borderline”, “Justify My Love”, “Die Another Day” and “Bedtime Story”) but I think this Top 10 is a very comprehensive list. Debatable? Sure, but enjoy it anyway and Know that I Heart comments!!

10. “Vogue
I don’t think I could make any kind of list about Madonna’s career without involving her signature “Vogue”. And Yes this video is a classic one, with the first mainstream introduction to ‘Voguing’, and Madonna giving FACE and BODY and STYLE. It’s one of her most timeless videos.

9. “Don’t Tell Me
One of those videos that make you appreciate the song even more. It’s relatively simple, but some of the subtle effects used along with the contemporary line-dance make the video totally stand out as one of her most fun and vibrant videos.

8. “Express Yourself
This video has a ton of Iconic images from the Queen, from the suit wearing crotch grab, the platinum blonde bob drinking the cat milk, and her “girl in chains” image among others. It’s a lot, but never too much, and overall it’s like a piece of art in motion

7. “Ray of Light
Beware, this hyper-paced video could cause epileptic seizures! However if you can hold out long enough, you’ll get a very unique video that strangely enough perfectly matches the hyper-paced song it’s for.

6. “Open Your Heart
Another Iconic Madonna video, her old school peep show for underage eyes has Madonna looking great and being almost sexier than any of her previous videos. One could probably read too much into the video, but there’s no need because ultimately it’s just a Fun video for a Fun Pop song.

5. “Papa Don’t Preach
Madonna’s first “Mini-Movie”, she grabbed an acclaimed actor Danny Aiello to bring to life the story of a teenage girl dealing with impending pregnancy. The song and concept were timely and rather risky for a big Pop artist like Madge, but the video is so perfectly paced and the drama and emotion are totally felt. It’s a bit of an edge of your seat video, will Papa Preach or not!? Watch and find out.

4. “Rain
Madonna and Director Mark Romanek made the very sterile world of electronics and A/V equipment look classic and just beautiful. “Rain” is one of Madge’s most beautiful songs, so the video matches up perfectly with it. It’s the contrast of making beauty out of the cold behind the scenes world that makes the video so effective and moving.

3. “Take a Bow
Allegedly, this video helped Madonna get the role of “Evita” and you can see why. Such a dramatic TeleNovella-like video with so much passion and intensity and emotion. She looks amazing, the story is so well put together, and the direction and visuals are perfect for the tone and feel of the song. A true Masterpiece, and at the time a very subdued and classy Madonna that people weren’t used to seeing.

2. “Human Nature
A fierce, risky, sexy and unique dance video that for so many reasons is easily one of her best. It’s completely captivating, the dancing and staging in the boxes were truly innovative (how many videos tried to copy that afterwards), and in true chameleon form Madonna gives us another unexpected yet Hot look. Top notch and unforgettable video.

1. “Bad Girl
One of Madonna’s most underrated songs from one of her most underrated albums, and this excellent video is also one of her most underrated outings. With Christopher Walken co-starring as some sort of contemporary grim reaper, she tells the story of a woman hitting a breaking point with her destructive lifestyle. The styling is perfection and the story is tragic, yet you can’t look away and you never get bored watching it.