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For Your Information, my writing isn’t just devoted to this blog… Over the years I have contributed pieces to different blogs and online magazines as well. The online magazine I have contributed the most to has been Full Blast Magazine, which went on a hiatus almost a year ago. Fortunately, the magazine just launched it’s first new issue in so long and in the spirit of the magazine coming back, I decided to write a Top 10 list of the Biggest most Memorable Comebacks in Music.

Of course, I want you to actually go to Full Blast Magazine to check out the full article as well as the interviews and reviews in the new issue. However, I do want to give my readers here the gist of what I worked up. Here goes…

10. Chris Brown
The now infamous night nearly dimmed the very bright future that was Chris Brown’s career, it seemed like he was on his way out. In 2011 though, Chris released an amazing album in “F.A.M.E.” which resulted in Brown having one of the best selling albums of that year and earning his first Grammy.

9. Cher
A Comeback doesn’t always have to be returning from a tragic place. Cher’s album and #1 single “Believe” gave the Diva a whole new audience in the younger generation. Her Comeback was less of a return to form, but a return to relevancy.

8. The Rolling Stones
In the mid to late 70’s The Stones’ shocking publicity stunts and over exposure started to wane on the public. Then came 1978’s “Some Girls” album, a huge critical and commercial success that made the public pay attention to their music again.

7. Madonna
Madge suffered one of the biggest media backlashes ever in the early 90’s, and it wasn’t until she scored the much sought after lead in “Evita” and shortly after announced her pregnancy that the masses started to pay attention to her again. The album that followed, “Ray of Light”, was a critical and commercial success and earned Madonna her first Grammy in a major category.

6. Meatloaf
1977’s “Bat Out of Hell” is one of the best selling albums of all time, but Meat Loaf’s career after such phenomenal success did not translate to his 4 subsequent albums. 1993’s “Bat Out of Hell II : Back Into Hell” placed #1 in 9 different countries, while the breakout single “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” earned him his first Grammy and topped the charts in 28 countries. From near obscurity to one of the more Iconic players in Rock

5. Mariah Carey
Outside of Mariah’s ‘Lambs’ most people had written her off after her divorce, subsequent shedding of clothes and buddy-ing up to Hip Hop stars. 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi” was the Comeback that was long overdue, scoring one of her biggest singles and Billboard’s #1 song of the last decade “We Belong Together”, she also won her first Grammy in over 15 years and the overall public opinion turned positive.

4. Aerosmith
Around the mid-70’s Aerosmith’s moderate success started to dip. Surprisingly, in 1986 the Rock group collaborated with Rap duo Run DMC on a re-working of their song “Walk This Way”, and it instantly transformed the group into relevant Rockers for the MTV generation.

3. Marvin Gaye
Motown King Marvin Gaye was literally “washed up” in Europe, homeless and floating in debt before he signed a new record deal and released 1982’s “Midnight Love”. The album was a hit, and his Iconic single “Sexual Healing” became a #1 hit, earning him his first two Grammy’s in his 30 plus year career.

2. Santana
The band had major success through the 70’s and 80’s in Latin Rock circles, but it wasn’t until 1999 when they signed with Arista Records and released “Supernatural” did they become a mainstream phenomenon. It was their first #1 album in 28 years, they also acheived their very first #1 Single (“Smooth”). In the end “Supernatural” sold 27 million copies, topped the charts in several countries and earned 9 Grammys.

1. Tina Turner
We all know the triumphant story by now. After her divorce from Ike, Tina found it hard to find success on her own and was relatively out of sight for the remainder of the 70’s. “Private Dancer”, her 1984 album, gave her break out solo success with 3 Top 10 Hits including the #1 single “What’s Love Got To Do WIth It”. The album garnered 4 Grammy’s and established her as The Queen of Rock and Roll. If it wasn’t for the success of “Private Dancer”, who knows what her legacy might have been.

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