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Happy Friday, and my Top 10 is back on track on it’s correct day! It was a pretty lackluster week for music for me, but yesterday I signed up for Spotify which I’m already loving… so the coming weeks should be very interesting. Anyhoo, Happy Friday. Happy Easter. Happy Passover. and just Happy LIVES in general… and enjoy!

10. David Guetta feat. Jennifer Hudson “Night of your Life”
Can’t believe I haven’t listed this one yet, but Guetta and Hudson Kill It!! Proving why Jennifer should exercise her House Music muscle a lot more.

9. Nicki Minaj “Come on a Cone”
“If you wasn’t so ugly, I’d put my dick in your face… dick in your face, put my dick in your faaaace” *laughs hysterically*

8. Rihanna “You Da One”
Even though all the crotch rubbing in the music video is off-putting (aside from that it’s a pretty nice video too), I still really like this song.

7. Nicki Minaj “Roman Holiday”
I almost feel bad for trashing Nicki earlier this week, but this is one of the more exciting tracks from the Garbage filled Can that is “Pink Friday … Roman Reloaded”. (and might I add, for an album called “Roman Reloaded” there sure is a lack of Mr. Zolanski… I think this and “Stupid Hoe” are really the only ones that qualify as Roman songs.)

6. The Stooges “1969”
This song, which I just discovered maybe 3 years ago, is quickly becoming one of my Favorite songs of All Time.

5. Santana “Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile)”
A YouTube commenter says it best : @Retromantra “so much emotion, without words. spellbinding.”

4. Foster the People “Pumped Up Kicks”
How did i let this happen? I despised this song when it started charting last year, but earlier this week I woke up and VH1 was playing it. Ever since, that hook has been stuck in my head. I still don’t really like the song, but I at least appreciate it maybe 5% more.

3. Aretha Franklin “Ain’t No Way”
Don’t ask me why! Maybe it’s because of Patti LaHelle The Shade Motha (more on her later), but yesterday I must have listened to this 6 times in a row. Such a great classic song.

2. Major Lazer feat. T.O.K. & Ms. Thing “Bruk Out”
I’m gonna get over Major Lazer pretty soon, but every week I keep finding a new song from the album that I fall in love with. Obviously it’s this one this week.

1. Gotye feat. Kimbra “Somebody That I Used to Know”
Anybody Surprised this is actually a big hit. I mean it’s got well written lyrics… a very lush and intricate instrumental… and an actual point! It seems odd that it’s hitting, but I’m glad it is.