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And here it is…

10. The Strokes “New York City Cops”
Thank You Alex of Air Core Yell (check his blog! It’s pretty dope)!! I would never have known about this until he sent me a message in my comment box about this unreleased in America track. I also found a B-Side, a song called “Hawaii” that is forcing me to research all of Stroke’s material and get the missing pieces.
This is why I Heart Comments!

9. Gotye feat. Kimbra “Somebody That I Used to Know”

8. Gladys Knight “The Way We Were/ Try to Remember”
I knew of the Barbra Streisand Classic, but never really cared for it. Loved Beyonce’s tribute at the Kennedy Center Honors from 3 years ago (surprise, surprise right?) but here, Miss Knight does a stellar job of taking the words and putting real feeling into them. I love this version and hate that iTunes doesn’t have it for me to download. curse you iTunes!!

7. Billy Idol “Rebel Yell”

6. Gotye “State of the Art”
Got Gotye’s album this week, and I should review it some time next week but I really liked it. This, sort of electronica, sort of reggae, sort of Pop track was a stand out for me in it’s weirdness.

5. Billy Idol “Dancing with Myself”

4. Coldplay “Paradise”
So, Coldplay is in town next week and really hoping I get the chance to see them. In anticipation I made a pretty sick “First 15” burned CD of them. This one is a song that I was really lukewarm on at first, but the hook is undeniable, and the story I can really relate to.

3. Major Lazer feat. The Partysquad “Original Don”
Still not over Major Lazer apparently! Honestly, I like this song more and more as the weeks go by and appreciate it’s uniqueness.

2. The Strokes “Machu Picchu”
I wasn’t a huge fan of “Angles”, but I always liked this opening track. And as I was trying to get back into the album this week I kept getting stuck on this highly addictive stunner.

1. Steel Pulse “Shining”
Just a really feel good song with awesome production.