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I’m back!! (Remember when I used to do Album Reviews and such? At least two reviews are down the pipeline, possibly today)

10. Janet Jackson “Feedback”
So I made this Janet vs. Rihanna Cardio Mix. Compiling just a few of boths best Dance songs. I haven’t actually listened to the playlist during Cardio, but this song did come on outside of the gym and I forgot how much I love it. Amazing Amazing Production… props to Rodney Jerkins.

9. Buju Banton “It’s All Over”

8. Dawn Richard “Heaven”

7. The Black Keys “Little Black Submarines”

6. Calvin Harris “Feel So Close”
I find it so strange that I’ve been hearing this song on my local Modern Rock station!? It’s a Dance song at the heart, so I find that very odd (though, they play Bob Marley and Katy Perry at times too, so maybe they re-formatted the station and I just didn’t get the memo). Anyway, I like it!

5. Chaka Demus & Pliers “Murder She Wrote”

4. The Strokes “Under Control”
So, I’m eventually going to write about The Strokes in more detail on the blog. That would explain their presence on my lists the past two weeks… but this week this was definitely the song that stood out for me. Does this song give anybody a “The Tracks of My Tears” vibe!?

3. Dawn Richard “Scripture”
One of the reviews I plan on doing is for Dawn Richard’s EP “Armor On”. This and “Heaven” (#8) are two of the best from a very impressive outing. This one is so calm and so beautifully layered.

2. Shabba Ranks “Ting a Ling
If you notice, there’s a bunch of 90’s Dancehall on my list. Which is very fitting for #420 I think, but mainly because I find that Dancehall is perfect for Cardio. That aside, this song leaves me no choice but to get out my seat and shake wind and drop some thangs!! *Laugh

1. Rusko “Scareware”
I don’t have much to say about this song, other than I put it on repeat whenever I’m doing my weight lifting. I’m not that big of a Dubstep fan, but this song definitely motivates me (and the album is actually decent… I’m talking about “O.M.G.”, I didn’t like his more recent “Songs” album as much). Anyway… #1, That’s It! Now go get your #420 ON!!! =)