It’s been almost a month since I’ve written up a Top 10 Songs of the Week. Blame FINALS!! The semester was officially over last night, so I’ll have more time and energy to blog this summer… so I’m gonna start out with an extra long Favorite Songs of the Week to try to catch up a bitch.


25. Diplo Feat. Nicky Da B “Express Yourself”

24. Beach House “Walk In The Park”
I gotta review Beach House’s latest album “Bloom” later on, but when I was listening it called to mind one song (which is higher up on the countdown) I loved, and than an IMDB’er suggested I listen to THIS song again. And Yes, It’s beautiful!

23. Brandy Feat. Chris Brown “Put It Down”
This threw me off, I expected something a little more R&B and Sing-y (or SANG-y) from MISS Norwood. Once I was over the initial shock, I think it’s a cute song… and I’m now very much intrigued by what she’ll deliver on her upcoming album.

22. Santigold “God From The Machine”
This was my Favorite song from Santigold’s “Master of My Make Believe” when I first heard it… I’ve kind of tired of it since, but it’s still an Ace song.

21. Dawn Richard “Change”

20. Usher Feat. Rick Ross “Lemme See”

19. Rusko “Mek More Green”

18. Katy Perry “Part of Me”
You know, I JUST heard this song for the first time this week. It’s alright… but hella catchy! I’ll talk about my sudden burst of Katy Perry Love later on… (haven’t seen this video either. I’m embedding it, will probably watch later tonight)

17. The xx “Intro”
So I FINALLY listened to The xx’s album. NOT what I expected, I was actually a bit bored at times (mainly I hated the females singing voice, it was very off-putting). Most of the album could have been salvaged if they stuck to instrumentals like this one which is perfect.

16. Rusko “Be Free”

15. Steel Pulse “Shining”

14. Rihanna “S&M”
This is such a great song for Cardio… “I LIKE IT LIKE IT!”

13. Santigold “This Isn’t Our Parade”
Who The F**k is Fever Ray!???

Heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago, instantly fell in love. Listened to the album it’s from, and I just didn’t get it. So I’ll be fine if this is the only song I care for from this group.

11. Donna Summer “Summer Fever”

10. Beyonce “Countdown”
Funny story. My car was doing this crazy thing where I couldn’t eject CD’s from the player… and my Beyonce “Queen Bey: The Best” CD was in. So I was stuck with just Beyonce in the car for almost a week. But it’s not like I was mad about it… this was my favorite though, I kept going back to this one.

9. Kelly Rowland “The Sound (On & On)”
(can’t find a link… booo!)

8. Calvin Harris “Feels So Close”

7. Beach House “Norway”
So THIS is the song I was talking about earlier. So mellow, and so weird with the background effects. And just the way he sings “Nor-waaaaa-ay” I love it!!

6. Katy Perry “Teenage Dream”
One day this past week… I don’t know WHAT happened, but I HAD to hear this song. I’ve always loved it, but this week I just loved it like never before. Great POP!

5. The White Stripes “Catch Hell Blues”
Now I am in love with Kenny Wormald. This can’t be denied, but the scene from “Footloose” that featured this song isn’t the reason it’s on my list. This Stripes song is an excellent Lifting song at the gym.

4. Teams “Whxt Txrns U Xn?”
Some time last year, I stumbled upon “Teams vs. Star Slinger”‘s EP. And I loved it so much, but I focused on Star Slinger instead of Teams. Thanks to Spotify, I heard his full album which is very nice and different but this instrumental chill-fest is the easy stand out.

3. Dawn Richard “Black Lipstick”

2. Brandy “Piano Man”
I am a big Brandy fan, but her last album “Human” was… just… well, read my review. Anyway this among a few others is a stand out, but recently it’s just been speaking to me! Great lyricism and production and vocals!

1. The Dead Weather “Blue Blood Blues”
So Funky and yes this is another great lifting song at the gym.