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So, I haven’t blogged for a while now. Sorry about that, but what you guys are getting right here is a hot off the presses-blood-boiling-anger-fueled post because at this very moment I’m totally and completely DONE with Nicki Minaj. And I say “at this very moment” because her songs are so ridiculously catchy, despite their stupidity and laziness. But… what I saw today has crossed the line for me and I just can’t… CANNOT (*laugh)… in good conscious support her anymore.

What am I talking about you may ask? Watch the video…

and oh snap! i found a longer clip

The audio is crap, but from what YouTuber’s and IMDB’ers have gathered, at one point Mariah Carey says “I can’t see my kids because you decided to have a little baby fit” and that’s Exactly what’s going on here. I should say I’m biased because I’m a Huge Mariah fan and have been since “Vision of Love”, but I’m sure anybody can see that Nicki was not only out of line for speaking to a Legend like Mariah but also completely unprofessional and acting like an entitled brat. “I told you, I’m not fvcking putting up with Your fvcking Highness anymore”, and to that I ask “why not?”. You have to imagine that Nicki is being paid in the millions for the show, and it’s a huge platform for her as well. If she is giving the Producers ultimatums like that, it’s not even a question that Mariah would be the one they favor. Which makes logical sense being that she actually has a Record-Breaking 22 year career, dozens of the former “Idols” and current Pop and R&B artists grew up listening and trying to emulate her. And probably most importantly,  she actually has vocal and lyrical talent. Nicki has successfully been a recording artist since 2010, and her talent is questionable.

When it was confirmed that Nicki would join “American Idol” (along with Keith Urban), I personally thought it was a good idea, because beyond the wigs and the lame lyrics Nicki is clearly a smart girl. She’s worked her way up in the industry really fast, which is really hard for a female rapper. However she’s no Worlwide Phenom… yet! She still has a lot of work headed her way to get to a Rihanna, GaGa, Britney level, and it appears that she thinks she’s already there. Her attitude after the success of “Pink Friday” had become noticeable to me, and more and more she’s proving me right. She snubbed Jennifer Hudson, reducing the Grammy and Oscar Powerhouse to a mere Trophy Girl at the AMA’s in 2011. She recently (allegedly) snubbed Rihanna at this years VMA’s. (I also read somewhere about a feud with Cher, but I’m not clear on the details. If any of you guys know leave it in the comments please! thanx! *smiley face). She acts like she’s above all of these artist that 3 years ago she would have jumped at the chance to be featured on one of their songs. (Also note, Mariah was the first big Pop/R&B act to have Nicki featured in a video… I’m just saying!)

For a female rapper, Nicki has come a long way and I must give her those dues. She still dominates that field, because for some reason some of the throwback female rappers’ albums keep getting delayed. The truth Nicki doesn’t seem to realize is that it takes a lot more work for a female rapper to cross over and be a Global Pop icon, which is clearly what she was trying to do with “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” and it’s noise-dance-garbage like “Starships”. She’s actually been successful in getting those Pop songs played on Pop radio, but she’s nowhere near a level where she can… well first of all, jeopardize and opportunity like “American Idol”, and be able to survive what would surely be a back lash possibly leading to a black listing. Because really, who would want to work with that type of attitude? It’s not even a full month into the “Idol” audition process and she already can’t control her temper.

And, look… I’m not saying Mariah is 100% Innocent here. And I’m not saying that just because of her success as an artist that people should just accept any shade or attitude Mariah throws. What I am saying is, in the context that I’ve read… Nicki should have just sat and took it. Apparently from what my people on the net have surmised, Mariah may have went on and on about her achievements and Nicki got tired of it. “I’m not sitting here for 20 minutes to hear you read off your resumé” is another un-clear quote from Nicki that some of us think we figured out. First of all, why are you mad about that? I’m sure the fact that Nicki can’t list off half, not even 75% of those achievements and having to hear them every day is annoying, sure! The thing is, it’s Mariah! The SINGERS that come to audition for “Idol” would value anything Mariah says over some auto-tuned rapper turned bad-pop singer who doesn’t even have a Grammy. Another scenario!? Maybe Nicki felt Mariah was boasting too much or rubbing it in her face? Ok, maybe? I guess!? The thing with that, a professional can deal with that and come back harder in a classy civilized way. Nicki did throw a tantrum reminiscent of a 7 year old (or “3 year old” as Mariah called her), her language and her giving the “it’s me or her” attitude “Figure it Out!”. She’s just telling them to fire her.

Anyway, this is definitely helping to hype up Buzz for the new season and a lot of people think it’s all a publicity stunt. I often questioned the motives of Nicki for taking this job, for someone who is so on the rising status why would she halt her career for a singing competition. Exposure! Sure… but I’ve always got into the idea that Nicki really is more of an aspiring actress and really wants to excel in that field using Hip Hop and Pop as a huge vehicle for it. On an MTV Interview once, she was asked something like “is being a Rapper just a role your playing?” and she took a while to digest and respond to that, which she did with a “maybe”. If acting is Nicki’s ultimate aim, “Idol” was a good choice, because you get to see the person more and get to know her real personality. And we know Mariah has failed and succeeded in her acting efforts, so there’s a slight chance that they both did a really good job of acting here. I believe, though, that this was so heated that it’s most likely pretty real. Tomorrow I’m sure the PR machines will have formulated some “public statement”, and more details will be revealed, but for now all I can gather is that Nicki Minaj is just a rude, unprofessional, egomaniac (who may be addicted to coke, Iono… I’m just saying?) who seriously needs to be fired from this gig.

and… i just CANNOT with Nicki Minaj anymore!


Final Thoughts:
So it’s been a few hours, and having seen the “extended footage” (I posted what is above, and not 10 minutes later the extended clip with a further explanation of why Nicki was so steam-pressed!) I have some additional thoughts, and than I’m off to bed until this Drama continues tomorrow.

* Nicki is saying Mariah “disrespected” her by calling her an “actress”, and the news is that Mariah continually takes jabs at Nicki during judging and this was Nicki’s breaking point. For one, I’m a huge fan of Mariah and I may sound biased but I honestly don’t think that Mariah would say something really nasty to her unprovoked. I imagine Mariah is not concerned with La Minaj enough to want to attack her on the regular, I see her just ignoring her for the most part. However, we know Mariah can be a little shady so I don’t doubt there were shots fired from Mariah’s end. Even if Mariah was calling her everybody’s bitch and cvnt, I still think Nicki was in the wrong for her childish outburst. Defending yourself doesn’t mean reverting to shouting, cussing and threatening. The whole “you think I’m joking!” and “Off with your head” — those are threats, no matter how much the Barbs want to say it isn’t. Honestly Nicki could be sued by Mariah, and “Idol” might be at fault as well if it goes there. And like I said earlier, I’m not giving any Legend a pass on being mean and disrespectful, but as a Rising artist who is not that established should know how to control themselves more in the presence of an Iconic artist such as Mariah.

* Back to the “actress” thing. Nicki makes this big hoopla about “disrespect” and than the biggest “insult” she could come up with was that Mariah called her an “actress”. Big deal right? Sticks and Stones right? Apparently not for Nicki. And I swear I hear Mariah retort with “I said you were trying to be an actress”, and anybody who knows anything about Nicki knows Acting is her first love, she studied it in school and that was her first ambition. So for Mariah to say it isn’t untrue and it’s not disrespectful. Okay, maybe Mariah used it in a shady context but even so that kind of comment is nothing to get that hot and bothered about.

* The comment that is most telling to me is Nicki bringing up Mariah’s “resume” twice in the altercation. My thought is, if she’s harping on that aspect of it than that’s probably the root of the problem. And I spoke on it above, but I sense a tinge of jealousy on Nicki’s part because she doesn’t have the bragging rights Mariah has. And we know Nicki boasts about her accomplishments on about 94% of her lyrics, so it’s kind of hypocritical to pitch a fit when somebody else brags. Sure a singing competition isn’t necessarily the best time and place, but it’s all about context. The fact that Mariah has a resume that takes “20 minutes” to run down seems to be eating at Nicki.

* So the logical thing for the “Idol” producers to do… Fire Nicki Minaj. Mariah Carey is the highest paid of all the celebrities attached to the various Singing competitions so “Idol” isn’t letting her go. And the way Nicki was approaching it was a “either she leaves or I go” thing, and with that the choice is simple. And just the loud, childish, bratty, unprofessional-ity of the whole thing shows that she’s not a person they want to go through an entire season… with Live tapings… with and be secure about the decision. I’m also certain that Mariah no longer wants any parts of her, and if SHE pulled the “either she leaves or I go” thing she’s gonna get her way. I hope tomorrow when I log on to my work computer in the morning I see a story about Nicki Minaj being Fired, and it sucks to say this but her career will effectively be dead. I had a vision of her only being able to book interviews on Internet blog channels on YouTube and getting third rate magazine covers. Which would be ironic because that’s how she came up… not too long ago. And I see a total reverting back to that, because I honestly can’t imagine any big wig in the industry knowing about this and taking the risk to hire such a brat.

* All that said. DAM!! THIS IS SOME GOOD ENTERTAINMENT!! And it’s only beginning. I expect a final resolution no later than Friday morning. Because they are taping and can’t waste much time, they have to make some decisions quick and honestly the decision they need to make on one hand is easy. Fire the unprofessional cow Minaj. However, will they try to replace her with someone else or will they just do the show with just Mariah, Keith and Randy? I think the latter is a smarter idea, I don’t really like when they have 4 judges anyway.

* That’s all for tonight. It’s way late, and I got work in the morning. So stay tuned… this is gonna get good!