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Happy New Year!!!!

Yup, it’s the second week of 2013 and by now I’m sure you all noticed that for the first time in 3 years I didn’t do a “Year In Music” post. Generally those cover the world of Music at large, but I was really not feeling most of what was going on in 2012 (and I’m trying this thing where I don’t want to be so negative, the idea of writing a “Year In Music” just to TRASH the “artists” of 2012 would kinda mess that up. Even though it sounded fun). So it went from… “what will I write about?” to compiling lists to “yeah screw it, I’m not doing one!”.

However, one of the reasons I LOVE the Music site LastFm is because they compile lists for you automatically. And I’m a “List-Fiend”. So I decided to let them do what they do best.
It’s lazy on my part, but it gives a real idea of what I’ve been listening to on iTunes and especially Spotify which I fell in love with this year. This is unfiltered, sometimes embarrassing stuff (*laugh), I was actually surprised at some of the results. But enough… I’m posting the Most Played Artists and Albums here… and the 50 Most Played Singles will be coming soon after.

Most Played Artists

20. Madonna
I Still LOVE Madonna, despite this year which to me was a disaster. She grossed loads on tour, but she ALWAYS does so it’s a given. It’s just both the quality of her music and her attention seeking antics on stage, 2012 was a year of literal desperation for the Queen of Pop. But… apparently I still listened to her enough. =) (and the “Girl Gone Wild” video is STILL HOT!)

19. The White Stripes
18. Wild Nothing
17. Santigold
16. Christina Aguilera

15. Dawn Richard
My favorite Danity Kane-r worked the Indie thing this year with two EP’s which I really loved (“Armor On” much more than “Whiteout”)for being something totally unique and new, I kind of thought she was underrated this year but maybe things will work out better with her full length solo debut this year.

14. Grizzly Bear
13. Red Hot Chili Peppers
12. The Killers
11. Beach House

10. Usher
9. The Police
I just kind of regret not getting more into them when I was a kid, because The Police are ‘Effing Amazing! The songwriting and the way they mix and jump genres, and the arrangements. I’m sure this is highly debatable, but with only 5 albums as a group I think they have the best overall Discography I’ve heard so far.

8. Drake
7. Frank Ocean
6. Mariah Carey
Her single “Triumphant” clearly didn’t live up to it’s title, but Mariah has always been one of my All-Time Favorites so I guess I was just re-discovering my love of her music and her voice.

5. David Bowie
4. Prince
I tend to stick to pre-“Purple Rain” Prince, from “Dirty Mind” to “1999” is probably my favorite side of my Music God. Last year I guess I was trying to get back into the later stuff.
(Now, we know that Prince hates YouTube, so I was only to find this acoustic set which I’m Happy to post because it’s basically AwesomeSauce! “Take The Place of Your Man”, the most played Prince song of the year, starts at the 3.00 minute mark.)

3. Beyonce
2. No Doubt
I honestly didn’t think I’d be as amped about No Doubt FINALLY releasing a new album, but they came through for me as a fan. They delivered a great catchy album that is both contemporary and fresh for them, but it also uses their musical past. I think they were really underrated, especially at the Grammys, but as a fan of their music I’m satisfied.

1. Rihanna
What can I say!? Are you SURPRISED!?

20 Most Played Albums

20. Rihanna, Talk That Talk
19. Grizzly Bear , Shields

I remember being kinda hyped for this album, because I partially loved their album “Veckatimest”. This album served for good Study music, but I can’t say more than that. It’s a nice album but I don’t remember much of it at this point. But obviously I must have Studied a lot!

18. The Black Keys , El Camino
17. Teams , Dxys Xff

So, I had been meaning to check out Teams because I was so in love with “Teams vs Star Slinger”, and finally Spotify came through for me. It’s… such a weird album, but oddly pleasant. There are some tracks that I loved and replayed often, it’s just awesome in a really indescribable way for me.

16. Jack White , Blunderbuss
15. Prince , Sign O The Times
14. Alt J , An Awesome Wave

Randomly saw this album on somebody else’s LastFm page and thought I’d check it out. I’m glad I did… but it’s an odd album to describe for me. Just check it out please!

13. Animal Collective , Centipede Hz

I was a big fan of “Merriweather Post Pavilion”, but I kinda thought they might be a sort of one trick pony group and wasn’t excited for the album. Just randomly played it on Spotify one day, and really liked it. Than I got hooked on so many of the songs I had to admit that this one was a great great outing and a progression for them I think.

12. Santigold , Master of My Make Believe
11. Miguel , Kaleidoscope Dream

I was a little disappointed with Miguel’s debut because I felt he didn’t live up to his potential. “Kaleidoscope Dream” kind of blew my mind a little bit. Another weird mixture of R&B and Electronic and Alternative music, and ““>sedate me, salacious salty and sweet, i’m overwhelmed by tasty thoughts of you” might be my favorite lyric of the year!?

10. Beyonce , 4
9. Dawn Richard , Armor On
8. Beach House , Bloom

This was a true grower, it was pleasant at first and I kinda wrote it off… but than I kept hearing some of the melodies and hooks in my head and was drawn back to it. I think this was a really good effort by a group I wasn’t too sure of to be honest.

7. Usher , Looking 4 Myself

I kept meaning to do a review of this album because I was really into it. I applaud Usher for really stepping out of his element and conquering it with this album, I think this album was a risk that paid off but apparently the Grammys didn’t agree.

6. Rihanna , Unapologetic
5. The Killers , Battle Born

So, I instantly was in the love with The Killers when they first came out. But every album after “Hot Fuss” I liked less and less, and I didn’t have any real expectations for this album. It’s really, really good though. They stick with this whole “Americana” style but it finally feels BIG somehow. Hard to explain, it was just an awesome album to me.

4. Drake , Take Care
3. Rihanna , Loud
2. Frank Ocean , Channel Orange
1. No Doubt , Push and Shove

So, like… go add me on LastFm and Spotify. And stay tuned for the Top 50 Most Played SONGS coming soon.