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Britney is currently murdering the radio with Will.I.Am, while Christina Aguilera’s “Lotus” album is growing on me more everyday. Now with recent single releases from Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake it feels like the 1999 MTV “TRL” Era artists are all coming back. How do they fair? Let’s get into it.

Destiny’s Child “Nuclear”.

We know now that Kelly and Michelle will be joining Beyonce during her Superbowl Halftime Performance February 4th. And earlier last week the internet was abuzz about a reunion Destiny’s Child single dropping. The song, “Nuclear”, came out this past Friday and I’m unimpressed. First of all, it feels and sounds just like a “Destiny Fulfilled” leftover from 2004. Definitely not a NEW song as the reports led us to believe(Hell, the artwork for the single are from the “Destiny Fulfilled” Promo Shots for peets sake!). It’s a very breezy, chill R&B song with a really nice track and nice vocal layering. However it’s just… blah! My thought (and this is based on a few things I heard online) is that Matthew Knowles put this unreleased song and the “Love Songs” compilation album out to fulfill a contract. It just surprises me that Beyonce would take to social media to promote it like it was a big deal when it’s clearly just filler material. The song is okay, but it’s nothing to get worked up over, and like Makael and Skorpion said on their recent upload “DO NOT” sing this at the Superbowl. “DO NOT!”

Grade: C

Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie” (Featuring Jay-Z).

You guys know how I feel about Timberlake. Last week there was a hint that new music would be coming from the former N Sync’er and I was totally not excited. It’s great that he’s coming out with new music FINALLY after almost 7 years, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that he turned his back on his music fans and is only now coming back after all his other outings failed. Like the boyfriend (Scrappy) who leaves a girl (Erika) who really loves him for another girl (Diamond), and when that girl dumps him he goes back to the first girl. I feel like Erika and I don’t want to take him back, but I have to say “Suit and Tie” is really good. Above all, the production on the track is great. It’s very soulful old school R&B type feel, but it has some uniqueness about it. Love the sort of ‘chopped and screwed’ beginning part and how it bleeds into the actual song, and I just love the laid back approach to the song. I don’t really like what Timberlake is doing to his voice, he always uses that forced falsetto but this time it gives me Robin Thicke-Tee’s more than anything and it’s not a great look. But the song is catchy, fun and just overall really decent.

Grade: B +

You can bet that Beyonce’s upcoming single will be FIRE to compensate for the lackluster-ness of “Nuclear”, and I recently heard her album will be out in April. Timberlake is giving the expectation of a Spring release for his upcoming Third album as well. Britney Spears is also supposed to be coming out with new music of her own this year, so the Gang is all back. Ofcourse all of these artists are a bit “vintage” to the younger generation… but if the music is on point that shouldn’t be a problem for them.