Hey. Are you still there?

I know I haven’t posted in, well, too long and I wanted to apologize and explain myself.

First off, I’m in my final stretch of community college all the while taking on more and more duties at work. So my motivation to sit down and write a review or an opinion editorial is very slim.

I’ve also been thinking of posting different types of things on this blog. Maybe maintain the same format of reviews and lists and things but just not so long. Sort of like I do on tumblr, or facebook or imdb. Also have been thinking about posting some of my flash fiction and short stories here. I LIVE for feedback and my readers here have always been great at commenting. So I’m sure I’ll post some of what I’ve already written on tumblr shortly.

That’s really it. Just letting you guys know what to expect, and let you all know I appreciate you!


#kisses #hugs #buttslap