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So this FlashFiction series was really fun, and that was the point. I wanted to post one new story every day for a week, and I wanted to give them some sort of theme. So I decided the setting would be in a car after a fun night. Different types of people, different types of situations, different sorts of emotions. I enjoyed writing these, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

4 Girlz

“and did you see her throw that beer bottle and hit that car” Raven said in between uncontrollable laughter.
“yeah, that’s when I had to get out of there” Tammy added, laughing.

“I just can’t deal with that broad no more, she’s a fucking mess” Raven adds

Sitting behind Raven on the passenger side, I roll my eyes because I’m really tired of hearing about Leilani. Simone, the driver, is bopping her head to the music and to my left Tammy is nodding her head
“yup” Tammy co-signs

“Simone is that Miguel?” I ask, trying to change the subject
“Yeah… well, my little brother burned me a, like.. random music CD. This part is Miguel though”
“I love him” is what I started to say before Raven interrupts.

“You know, it’s just a shame. I grew up with that girl but I can’t fuck with her no more. She’s always… ALWAYS acting up”
“and that’s new?” I sarcastically ask, very irritated at this point
“right!” says Tammy, who is so drunk I think she’s just gonna give those kind of one word responses the whole way home.
I begin to finish my statement. “you wonder why I wanted to come with Simone instead of her, because I already know how she is… don’t know why you thought different”

“I just hate always getting caught up in her drama” says Raven
“but…” I start out, getting more frustrated with Raven the more I speak “…you INVOLVE yourself in her drama, I mean you was the only one that went over there when she started fighting with that girl”

Raven stays silent for just a few seconds then adds “I knew you’d try and defend her ass!”
“I’m not defending her. I’m just saying we had a fun night, why we gotta focus on her the whole ride home?”
“Yeah…” Simone starts, breaking out of her Miguel fixation “… I’m with DeDe on this one. Because I had FUN… and I might have me a sexy late night visitor tonight… I could give a fuck about Lei and her drama”
“Girl! I’m just saying” says Raven, one of her vague statements for when she knows she’s wrong.
“well, I’M just saying… let’s talk about something else. Like that Katt Williams looking dude you was twerking for” I say with a laugh
“Oooh… Bitch Fuck You” Raven says with a laugh.

© 2013 Hannibal Alexander

Grindin’ to Diamonds

During the ride home from Erika’s Birthday Party, Jessie is reclined with her hand on Lance’s knee. Lance chuckles when “Diamonds” comes on the radio.

“You were FEELIN’ this song tonight” , she starts to grin
“You liked that didn’t you?”
“Well… it felt good knowing you were going home with me”

Jessie thinks for a moment with a devilish grin.

“So, you saw that girl I was dancing with than?”
“Um…” Lance starts while maneuvering a wide turn “… yeah I did”
“What did you think of her?”
Lance looks at Jessie a little suspicious but responds with “What do you mean?”
Jessie starts to laugh “I won’t get mad I swear… what did you think of her?”
“I mean…” Lance starts, very cautiously “yeah, she was pretty… why?”
“Did she talk to you at all?”
“Ummm… I think so, a little bit”
“What did she say?”
“I… don’t know…” Lance starts with a nervous tone “…I think she knew Erika and… I don’t know, I don’t remember”

Jessie gets silent again

“Why are you asking though?” Lance asks
“I…” now Jessie is the cautious one “… ummm, I don’t know we talked after we were grinding all up on each other” she stops and looks for Lance’s reaction, he’s still confused.

“Okay… and?”
“and… ummm… she kinda, you know… LIKED me” she looks back up at Lance and he starts to smile
“Oooh, so she wanted my girls Kitty eh?”
“Yeah, she was kinda like… a dude, she was really blunt about her flirting”
“You flirt back?”
“I guess sorta… I’ll be honest though, it was kind of a turn on”
“Oh really” Lance adds in a coy tone.

Jessie pauses before saying “that’s kinda why I wanted to know what you thought of her”
“as far as what though?”
Jessie lets out a frustrated sigh “come on babe… would you hit it?”
“I’m asking… like, would you mind… if I invited her in our bed?”

Lance is caught by total surprise “Are you serious right now?”
“I’m serious about asking you”
Lance doesn’t know what to say but adds “I mean… do you WANT to invite her in our bed?”
“I’m kinda into the idea”

“That is…” Lance struggles to find his words “…I mean I NEVER would have guessed you’d say something like this”
“Me either, but I’m kinda saying it now… so?”

© 2013 Hannibal Alexander

Seattle from the Bed

My liver hates me right now.

This is my fourth day in Seattle, visiting my friend Janice, and tonight I met her friend and co-worker Aiden. We went to the clubs, and Aiden kept buying us drinks back to back, so I have no idea how many Vodka and Grapefuit’s I had. After that we rolled around the city smoking weed nonstop. Now I’m wondering why i’m alone in the bed of an old Pick Up truck!?

I know we rolled to the club in Aiden’s Accord, and I vaguely remember going to a parking lot and for whatever reasons had to switch cars. And I don’t really recall how Janice convinced me it was necessary for her to sit up front with Aiden and me in the back, but… I’m here!

And oddly it’s not that bad. I mean I AM cold as hell, but I’m really enjoying this strange kind of ratchet tour of the city at 3:30am. The air is cold, but very fresh and clean which is a slight change from my hometown Long Beach and ALL it’s surrounding areas. And even though it’s a very bumpy uncomfortable ride back here, I also feel at peace for some reason.

Eh! I’m just incredibly faded right now so that’s probably it.

It’s been maybe 20 minutes, maybe 5, since I’ve been back here and I’m settled now and just thinking “yeah, THIS is different for me”

This being only my second time leaving the state of California, being so far away from home is less scary to me at this moment. Sometimes when I’m somewhere else I get this overwhelming anxiety, thinking “if something were to happen to me I’d have NO IDEA what to do out here”. Tonight things feel oddly familiar to me, certain blocks we pass by have apartments and homes that resemble those of my neighborhood. Than the next few blocks seem totally different, and my mind travels to questions like “what kind of people live here?”, “is this the Ghetto area?”, “I wonder how far this is from the needle?”.

My friend Janice has moved to new locations like 4 times in the 7 years I’ve known her, and I’ve just always been too scared to jump. Feeling like I’m feeling right now, viewing this beautiful city Slizzed in the back of a truck, is making me change my mind.

© 2013 Hannibal Alexander

Cheap Cognac

Sitting in front of a random store-front at 2:45am, Gerald sees Garrett’s new car pull up. He stumbles towards to car to get in.

“Maaan… You savin’ my life right now.I swear to you mu’fuckas’ll leave a nigga stranded when they get some money”

Garrett starts to fan away the smell of cheap cognac coming from Gerald’s breathe.

“I was ‘bout to walk outta that place Fo’Hunned richer, than that punk mu’fucka Leon gonna pull out a Queen… I‘on trust that though cause that nigga is known to cheat”

Garrett’s eyes stay on the road, Gerald can tell he’s annoyed and thinks of a way to change the subject.

“Ssssooo…” Gerald starts, slurring his words, “how lil’ Cccaaarlton doin’?”
“CARSON’s good!” Garrett responds dryly.
“sssstill can’t believe you got a son now”

Garrett just shrugs his shoulders

“and how’s his mama? y’all still doing good?”
“…you helllla quiet nigga, what’s wrong wit’ you?”

Garrett, completely annoyed with the current situation thought of at least five reasons why he was quiet, but responded with “I just don’t get the point of having a conversation when you’re piss ass drunk”
“Aaaah nigga!” Gerald shakes his head, and then switches his train of thought “you got some water in here, I’m thirsty as a muuug”

“I do ‘ppreeciate you comin’ to get me though”
Garrett shakes his head before he snaps with “you REALLY need to get your shit together, like… 10 years ago”
Gerald starts to get defensive and starts shouting “who you think you talkin to nigga”
“I THINK I’m talking to the nigga that’s getting a ride in MY car”
“Aaalllright, you got me” Gerald starts to laugh uncontrollably, then has another sudden mood change “You right though, I need to get myself toge…”
Garrett cuts him off “… and it’s a fucking shame your youngest SON has to tell you that you need to grow the fuck up!”

And that was the blow that Gerald needed, they both sat in silence the rest of the way. Gerald disgusted and Garrett ashamed.

Finally, when they were a few blocks away from Gerald’s housing project, Garrett breaks the silence “Look… I’m not a personal taxi for you, so don’t think just cause I picked up this time I’ma do it every time you decided to get fucked up and belligerent”

Gerald starts to respond but Garrett cuts him off to finish his statement “the only reason I got you this time was because I had to give you something”

He reaches down into console in between them and pulls out an envelope and hands it to Garrett. “Keep that in your pocket, Don’t lose it on the bus!” he barks

“what is it?”

Garrett hesitates before answering “we can talk about it when you’re not drunk”.

© 2013 Hannibal Alexander

The Missing Person

“So y’all wanna do the Denny’s thing?” Miko said to Ellis as they were approaching the car.

Following behind were Ellis’ friends Jamie, Melanie, Christoph, Buck and Mikey.

“You hungry?” Ellis asked
“Uh, Yeah… I only had that bag of Dorito’s today, I’m fucking starved”

Ellis turns around to the rest of the group “Y’all wanna get something to eat?”
Mikey responds “yeah that sounds good to me”
“Wait…” Melanie pauses and starts to look back “… where’s Pablo?”

The rest of the group starts shuffling, some looking back, some pulling out their cell phones to see if they got a text from the missing person, Miko just wanted to get his belly full so he answered “I think I saw him leave out like a half hour ago with that guy Danny”

A look of concern struck the rest of the groups faces, Ellis and Buck especially. Buck walks over to Miko “Danny! are you sure?”
Miko becomes a little uncomfortable with Buck’s tone “Yeah, Danny’s the one with the Janet Jackson shirt on right?”
“Ugh, that asshole” Ellis shouts with disgust
“What’s wrong?” Miko asks
“Pablo and Danny aren’t good for each other that’s all” Buck said and addressed the rest of the group “you guys think we should check it out?”

Melanie, Christoph and Mikey all nod their heads yes
“Check out WHAT?” Miko is completely confused “aren’t they just … you know… gettin it in?”
“That’s not the point” Buck responds
Miko takes a second to think about it as Buck gets in the backseat of the car and the rest of the gang jump in the other car.
“Oh…” Miko thinks he gets it and addresses Ellis who is still standing up outside the car about the get in “…is Danny like a druggie or something?”

When they are both seated Ellis responds as he starts the ignition “No, I don’t think so”
They drive off and Miko is trying to figure this out “… does he have some kinda, I don’t know… HIV or something?”

Miko was new to this group, a work friend of Ellis’ and he had only met Pablo once so he didn’t understand what was going on. He felt a little out of place asking questions, but he really wanted to know why they were so obsessed with Pablo and not stuffing their faces with food. He was gonna let it go, but added “Well, what’s the problem”

“Pablo is our Friend, we have to make sure he’s alright!” Buck piped up in the back seat.

Miko was over it. He just hoped it wouldn’t take long and they could finally get some food.

© 2013 Hannibal Alexander