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Here is just another chapter in my “HiPSTER” story, which like I said in the previous post was a script Idea I had about a dysfunctional Indie band. This just examines one of the other band members and why he’s annoyed with a certain “Lead”. Enjoy.

“Hiller is pissing me the fuck off” Darren says to Bren in a relatively calm tone, given the content of what he’s saying as he climbed into the passenger side of Bren’s SUV. Bren smirks a bit before he turns to Darren “What happened this time?” Darren looks at Bren who has swiftly gone back to texting on his cell phone, he rolls his eyes and looks out his window “Yeah… I guess it’s…” he shrugs “… whatever”. “Where is everybody else anyway we gotta go!” Bren asks “I don’t know, your boy is probably takin’ shots somewhere” “Well call him” “Are you… You call him” Darren responds shaking his head in disbelief “… oh you don’t have to here they come”. Pippy and Hiller stroll out of the club, Pippy walking ahead of Hiller and quickly hopping into the truck. Hiller drunkenly walks up to the passenger side door “C’mon bro open the door man” Darren rolls down the window and stares at Hiller “for what?” “Uh… I mean… I got shot gun” Darren is visibly angered and responds “Fuck you dude… Bro!” Hiller nearly laughs and backs off and gets in the backseat with Pippy. “Man…” Hiller starts “… you can’t even break my spirit right now, that was a Great show… and you did a hell of a job too”

Darren wants to thank him for the compliment, but he can’t get over the fact that Hiller at one point of the show called him, and the other members of the band, his “back-up”. He did admit it was a joke and introduced us all, which he doesn’t always do, but the comment came from some place real… or else he wouldn’t have said it.That is what angered Darren so much, he remained speechless for the rest of the ride to his apartment.

He knew that sometimes his near hatred for Hiller was irrational, but now he felt like the only one who was seeing the guy for who he really was. He didn’t really mind the fact that Hiller was getting most of the attention, he thought he was a charismatic performer with good pipes and a great addition to the band. And he was always an asshole, a kind of likable asshole but an asshole none the less. Darren had come to terms with this, but Hiller’s recent behavior had been grating on him and he felt he was nearing a breaking point.