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Hello. So as promised, I’m going to post a few of my Short Stories/Flash Fiction here.

Starting with one of my earlier ones. This is actually from 2011, I had been working on a script idea and one day I thought it might be a good idea to try to do some FlashFiction with the characters in the script. The movie is about a dysfunctional Indie band, and… well… just take a read! Hope you enjoy it.

It wasn’t that Hiller didn’t like Pippy. He respected that she was a total team player and would do anything for the band. He thought she was a bright girl and she was really pretty, even if she wasn’t really his type. As a person, he didn’t mind her at all. As a member of his band, he had some issues with her that he tended to hold in a lot.

When he first joined the band, she and him got along great. They were on the same page with a lot of creative ideas, and shared some of the same thoughts when it came to performances and what they saw the band ultimately becoming. Flash to just 6 months later and the dynamics had changed a little bit. He felt that she had become a little too needy, which he thought was really no surprise coming from a female. He had gotten so used to her just being one of the boys, it was weird to him when her female personality traits started to come out.

Even than, it was easy for him to ignore her and just pretend she wasn’t there when she started to act up. Flash a couple of months later, and Pippy began to really get on his nerves. He felt like she was trying to step on his toes as the lead singer of the band.

Before one particular gig, she was having a hissy fit about wanting to sing. “Will I get to sing AT ALL” she would say rolling her eyes with that typical female attitude. Maybe she was on her monthly, but she kept whining about it and thankfully Bren spoke up and was against it. Than a few weeks ago in rehearsal she kept bringing up a song that Dustin wrote when he sang lead for the band. It really is a great song, but Hiller didn’t necessarily feel he was equipped to sing it in the way it was written so he suggested changing the arrangement a little to suit his more aggressive singing style. Pippy, again, threw a bitch fit about this “it’s perfect the way it is, and if you feel like you can’t sing it that way than just let me sing it” Granted she had sung it before when Hiller first joined the group, and crowds seemed to love it, but Hiller felt like the group had evolved past the type of group they were than.

Honestly, Hiller felt that the group no longer had a place for a female, even though he never openly expressed this to everyone. He talked to Bren, and Bren actually agreed with him “but” Bren would say “we can’t just boot her out of the group, she’s been here since the very beginning and she contributes a lot to our sound. I think it would be a mistake to just get rid of her” He just agreed that Pippy doing lead vocals at random spots of their performances was “distracting” to the audience and he said he would talk to her, but Hiller doesn’t believe he ever did.

So as of now, Pippy is kind of the thorn in Hiller’s back when it comes to the group. He has zero tolerance for her, and has gotten to a point where he’s really just immune to her and doesn’t really pay much attention to anything she has to say. Sure, she’s still the same with him minus her occasional interference.

Translation: Hiller thinks the band he joined, 2 years after they had been performing without him, was now HIS band. HIS catapult into the music stratosphere. And people who came to their shows were really coming to see HIM. That’s where his mind set was at, and he felt that Pippy trying to do co-leads with him was taking away from HIS shine. Even though all she wanted was to show the crowds that she’s not just a pretty face on the keyboards with cleavage out, that she actually contributed more to the group than just eye candy.