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I got fired.

The first time in 28 years that I had actually been fired from a job, but it was all good because I truly did hate that job anyway. The only issue was that it was a graveyard job and it took me awhile to get back into a regular routine. The result was me staying up way late at home, just messing around on the computer and devoting lots of time to music and iTunes.

That’s when the birth of Arcadius came about. I just gave him that name a few months ago, but this whole thing started from a playlist idea. I decided, hey… imagine if I had some sort of vocal talent, what type of music would I make?!? I started putting together a playlist of what would have been my debut album.

From there, the whole history of myself as a recording artist started to develop. What his image would be, what he wanted his legacy to be, what he would stand up for, what his controversies in the media would be like and so on and so on. Now, 5 years later, I’m writing about it.

My “OUT with Arcadius” series actually begins Spring of 2012 and will eventually catch up to current times. “OUT with Arcadius” simply details this stars life once he Tweets his “coming out” to the world. At this point, Arcadius is a really really huge star. Think the fame of say Usher and Justin Timberlake, but the respect of say Sting or Jack White. He had managed to step outside the box of being just an Urban/R&B singer and now was having huge hits worldwide and huge hits on Rock charts as well as R&B and Dance.

At some point I think I will post the details of his coming up. However, I wanted to post this as an introduction before I begin posting the stories.