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David Bowie released a brand new album yesterday, it’s called “The Next Day” and let’s get into this review already.

I have to admit, It’s only been in the past 4 or so years that I’ve legit gotten into the sounds of La Bowie,  and mostly I have only listened to his 70’s stuff (I broke into his early 80’s albums late last year). I know that he’s put out some albums here and there in the 90’s and beyond but I haven’t gotten there yet. Which could alter my perspective on this album, but that ignorance aside I have to say I really really enjoyed this album.

I listened to it weeks ago when iTunes was streaming it and I have to admit at first I was slightly bored, than I got to “Love is Lost” and suddenly a more confident Bowie came out. The earlier songs were a little too melancholy and mumble-y for me, like he was barely there. Once “Love is Lost” hits, his voice is stronger, and the music is more unique and forward moving.

I would say things before this song were a tad dry, and the rest of it ranges from really fun or really amped up or really heartfelt. The entire album really calls to mind some of Bowie’s earlier eras that I’m actually familiar with. There’s bits of “Young Americans”, bits of “Low” and “Diamond Dogs”, and obviously “Heroes” whose album cover poses as the “remix” album cover to this new outing. Makes sense since it’s such a throwback to his legacy.

Don’t really have much more to say. I really enjoyed it, I sometimes am weary about older artists putting out new stuff. Sometimes it seems way too contemporary that it seems like it’s totally outside of their talents, and sometimes it’s just too reminiscent of their older material where you wonder what actual creativity went into the album. “The Next Day” is a really great balance between those two extremes, and just an overall enjoyable album that I’m sure is going to grow on me even more.

Rating: 4 stars

Best: Love is Lost, I’d Rather Be High, (You Will) Set the World on Fire