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Okay readers. So this is when I took Arcadius outside of the #FlashFiction format and just wrote about him. Probably for the reasons I talked about in “The Birth of Arcadius“, I feel really connected to this character and this story. The plan is to make Arcadius into a great novel, juxtaposing his life with someone… hmm, someone a little less fabulous and famous. But … Honestly, I REALLY want to know what you guys think. What you think of Arcadius as a character, what you think of my writing, what you thought of some of the other stories I posted, what you love and what you hate, and just any kind of criticism you have. I live for feedback so please comment with your thoughts. Thanks.

Meeting Mr. Twinkie (part six)

It had been about three weeks since Arcadius met up with Mr. Heartthrob. There was the botched hook up and then they met for a lunch a few days later. Things went well, they got to know each other that much more and it seemed things were moving in a good direction. Weeks went by and Mr. Heartthrob was M.I.A. to Arcadius’ confusion, until about a week later when his publicist called him and told him there was a story about them hanging out, with pictures. He had his publicist email the pics to him and he actually thought they looked cute together. They weren’t making out or even holding hands in the pic so he didn’t see the big deal, but it was obvious that Mr. Heartthrob was backing away from the situation to protect his image, and his preference.

Arcadius was forced to not dwell on this though, because in that time he had lots of work to do. Press Junkets and additional Promo for both his film that was getting a wide release soon and that songs Deluxe soundtrack. All leading up to the first Hollywood premiere of the film. Once that was done, and the weekend receipts were in, he planned on finally taking the much needed time away from work he had been looking forward to for months.

He didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do, or what he wanted to accomplish, he just knew he needed a breather and that’s what he planned on doing. The movie itself hadn’t been such a headache, but dealing with his record label on both the Standard and Deluxe edition of his soundtracks was troubling. For almost 10 years he was at a label that trusted him and worked with him, this year he seemed to get a bit of a cold shoulder and constant opposition from them. Being the good employee he was, he didn’t raise a fuss over any of it. Sure he felt a difference, but nothing was big enough for him to anger them anymore than they were already. Or, possibly were. He decided not to rock the boat.

The premiere finally came and Mr. Heartthrob and Arcadius were briefly reconnected. Heartthrob was about 5 people behind Arcadius on the Red Carpet. He was going to walk back to shake hands and take pictures with him, but when he approached him Mr. Heartthrob gave kind of an awkward smile and Arcadius took it as a hint to back off. At the After-Party, they saw each other again, around cameras, and the same thing happened. Arcadius was walking over to greet Heartthrob and was given a funny look before Heartthrob quickly exited the area.

Instead of obsess over why Mr. Heartthrob was acting this way, since he was pretty sure he knew already, Arcadius ended up having lots of fun that day and most of that week. Not only did he enjoy seeing a lot of his industry friends and family, but for the first time in a number of months he was also around his Team. His stylist Traci, and her two assistants Rowley and Nate. His hair and makeup team Donnie and Lonnie. They were always a great bunch of people to be around during monotonous boring duties like junkets. They kept him laughing and entertained and awake when everything else around him drove him to boredom. And he had the most fun with them at his After-Party.

Once the party was dying down, around 1am, Donnie and Nate mentioned going to the clubs. Arcadius thought back to SF Pride and how he wanted so badly to go out and be a part of that club scene but didn’t make it. He had been to private parties and things with his Team before but never to a club, and from the chat between those two it sounded like this club night would be a fun one. So he invited himself. Almost two hours later, Arcadius, Donnie, Nate, Lonnie and Rowley arrived in West Hollywood with intention to dance their stress away.

Not only did Arcadius dance the night away, he got majorly drunk, and flirted more than he ever did in his life. It didn’t hurt that nearly every other person that talked to him was of the “sexually blunt” variety (the other people were huge fans who either cried or screamed about how much they loved his music). It was the one guy that was nice, but not overtly into him that Arcadius was drawn to. And surprise, surprise, this guy was a Porn star.

Arcadius never made it a secret that he loved porn, and this guy, we’ll call him Mr. Twinkie, was one of his current obsessions. A young slim white boy with a Punk attitude, a gorgeous body and a cute little butt. Early that night Mr. Twinkie came and talked to him a bit but then re-joined his group of friends and pretty much stayed loyal to them the rest of the night. After about 6 Kettle One and Tonic’s Arcadius decided to go over and talk to him and Twinkie didn’t mind at all. It seems like Twinkie was waiting for Arcadius to make the first move. Because them talking normally, turned into suggestive flirting, to mild groping, to exchanging numbers, to meeting up in Arcadius’ hotel room that night.

Sex was had, good sex at that. Arcadius was surprised at himself, only having seen gay sex via his computer he was proud that he was able to get a good stroke and was pleased that he was clearly pleasing Mr. Twinkie whose face was in pure ecstasy the minute penetration started. They boned the rest of that night into the morning, at about 5:30am they were worn out and napped. Close to noon Twinkie ordered room service but was more interested in the sausage between Arcadius’ legs and they quickly started another round.

Unlike Mr. Heartthrob, Mr. Twinkie wasn’t all too concerned with conversation or getting to know Arcadius. It was purely a sex thing, and at that point Arcadius didn’t mind at all. They had to have gone through every position, in every area of the hotel room. Twinkie was young so his stamina was there, and Arcadius was a healthy 30 something so he had no trouble keeping up.

That night Twinkie asked if Arcadius wanted to check out some sex shops, try out some different toys and lube and things of that nature. Arcadius obliged and they hit the WeHo streets at about 9pm.

This was the first time Arcadius had actually walked the length of the strip, and he found himself intrigued by everything out there. With the premiere of his film done, and box office receipts coming in the very next day, he decided what he was going to do during his “breather”. He was going to stay right in West Hollywood for a few weeks and just observe the Gay life there. He figured it might be a good idea to call his Team and have them be his “tour guides” so to speak. And also, in Hollywood, he thought it might be a good idea to meet with some successful openly Gay celebrities and Industry folks.

Mr. Twinkie, a Canadian, was planning on leaving the next day once a Porn shoot was completed so Arcadius would be pretty much alone, but he felt really good about this new idea. He called a few of his friends, and his manager, and told them his plans. Not knowing why really, he didn’t need their permission because he already told them about taking a break. However he just wanted to let the important people know what was up with him.

He decided to check out some temporary real estate, and found a really cute and secluded Town Home to set up shop at. Bought some furniture and additional crap, and was planning to start his vacation.No expectations, no goals, no work, just for once in almost 10 years he was just going to BE! And he was excited.

© 2013 Hannibal Alexander


Party Time! (part seven)

Arcadius was the type of celebrity that was easily recognizable. He had great full lips, big brown eyes, and a nice overall frame. As a performer he definitely dressed things up and was always fashion forward,y but he was not scared to Glam it up. He noticed after a week hanging out in West Hollywood that just being and dressing like a normal dude he was able to avoid crowds of people fawning over his autograph. Of course, every day he was out… to go grab some coffee, or clothes shopping, or to buy some porn… somebody recognized him. But overall, he was surprised that he wasn’t worried about leaving his new town home for fear of a frenzy. He didn’t even have to call his security, he felt oddly at home.

His days mainly consisted of waking up around noon, getting up to fetch some coffee or breakfast or lunch, either walking up and down the WeHo strip or venturing out to other parts of Southern California to absorb the culture. He had traveled all over the world, but the LA area was one he basically only worked in and never really experienced like say London or Dublin or New York. He didn’t love it, he had some gripes about that part of California but for the most part he was thinking positive and only of the things he did enjoy. He loved driving around, and didn’t mind the traffic at all. He loved being a bit of a tourist and checking out all the movie history in Hollywood and elsewhere. So most of his evenings were spent exploring.

His nights were filled with various dinner parties and dinner meet ups with some of the more famous out celebrities and industry people in LA. He really wanted to pick their brains about being Gay and being successful in their kind of industry, but not in a way where they’d feel like he was doing research for a school assignment. Some of these meet-ups were nice enough, the famous fitness instructor and his husband were a fun group. So was the up and coming comedian and his two “squirrel friends”. Not so much with the award winning Television producer who was a complete snob, or the Oscar winning screenwriter who was so high on his soap box the whole time pressing Gay issues. And then you had the sex-crazed ones like the “sort of” Out actor and his plaything who seemed to only speak in obvious double entendres.

In just about a month, Arcadius felt like he got a good overview of the Gay life… or at least the Gay life in West Hollywood. He had met a good spectrum, from the barely minimum wage cashiers and waiters to the top of the top Gays in Hollywood. Yet he knew he was still a “newbie” and as smart as he was, he didn’t have everything figured out yet. Meanwhile, the Paparazzi obviously got a tip he was setting up in West Hollywood and soon enough one tabloid had a full spread on his goings on out there. The magazines didn’t make any insinuations about him being a whore or anything, just all the Out celebs he was meeting up with. They dubbed it “Arcadius’ Big Gay Vacation”.

Arcadius’ PR people were pissed, but he thought it was lighthearted enough and didn’t want to make any bigger deal out of it. He was a little surprised, he thought the Paps were a little more obvious because he didn’t remember a time, other than people taking pics on their cell phones, when he encountered a photog at all. He was happy he looked cute in all the pictures, and even though he only had a few pockets of his life where Paparazzi were a big problem he was kind of happy to be relevant enough to devote a two page spread.

After the spread, a lot more Out and not-so Out celebrities reached out to him, not knowing he was in town before the article. So Arcadius decided why not have a sort of welcoming party, even though he thought somebody else should be throwing it for him. He decided that it was a good idea, but not in his own Town Home. He and a few friends set out to find a nice house to rent in the area for a night. The search was short lived because an industry friend allowed Arcadius to use his place while he was out on tour. Arcadius than hired a party planner for what he wanted to be a nice atmospheric house party. Music, good food, a place for people to really mingle and have fun. He didn’t want to go overboard with a theme or anything Beverly Hills-esque. Just a regular house party.

He was unsure of who to invite though, he didn’t know that many people to decide who all would make the best crowd. He called up Donnie, Nate, Rawley, the comedian friend and the fitness instructor to help him come up with a list. They all had a ball laughing about who was in and who was out over bottles of Kettle One and pineapple juice. By the end of the three or so hours, they had determined a guest list of about 50 people which they figured would expand to at least 100 hopefully under 200. Luckily the house was big enough, and empty enough, to hold either option.

Arcadius never really threw parties before, in about 6 years he had only thrown 2 industry parties. One as a congratulations to his producer friend,  who basically discovered him,  on his long deserved Grammy win for Producer of the Year. The other to his hip hop Idol friend who was his partner in crime in the early days, a surprise Birthday party years ago. And basically all he did on both occasions was call a party planner and show up. Which wasn’t totally different this go round, except this was a spur of the moment, no real reason Party. He was slightly nervous about it, mainly because he didn’t know half of the people there and didn’t really know what to expect. He decided, that night, that he was just going to dress nice, look cute and be himself and see what happened.

Once the party got going, it felt like more of the same from his dinner conversations. He was either being preached to about gay marriage and other political gay issues or talking about cock rings and slings, he was finding it hard to find any middle ground conversation wise. And every time he tried to talk to one of his close friends in attendance he was always being pulled away by someone knew. Only two people really intrigued him. There was the lead singer from the R&B boy group of about a decade ago. They had met when Arcadius was playing Artist and Part Time Producer for other artists, and this kid reached out to him for material for his solo outing. Nothing materialized, but he remembered they got on well. At the time the kid was just 18 and other than his bubble butt Arcadius wasn’t really attracted, but the kid had matured nicely. He developed a nice frame, and his chocolate complexion evened out post-puberty. The best thing was that he was seemingly wise beyond his years. They talked about the industry and being in LA, and just had a great rapport. Arcadius wasn’t sure if the kid was officially on the Out-list, he knew there had been some horrific rumors about the kid, his group and their manager, but he didn’t know really what was what. He enjoyed talking to him though. However he was the host of the party so he couldn’t sit and talk with him forever.

Later he met Enzo, a restuaranteer in the LA area who owned three popular restaurants. Arcadius was taken by his look, a sort of Indie/Alternative guy with the tatts and ear gages. He couldn’t figure out his race, but he was dark and tall and had a great body. Arcadius was happy to find out that he was so easy to talk to and the odd places their conversations went. At one moment they are bonding about the beauty of Vinyl to discussing Kitty Litter and Wee Wee Pads. Arcadius found Enzo so interesting, and so sexy, he definitely wanted to get to know him better after this party was done.

By around 3am, the last guest left. It was a successful party, successful meaning that everybody was mild mannered and did what they were supposed to… mingle and dance and not mess up the place. It was a little too much for Arcadius though because he was the star of the show, everybody wanted a piece of him and he never had a chance to really relax himself. He met a few new cool people, but overall he decided he’d let other people host from now on.

© 2013 Hannibal Alexander


The Chef Guy (part eight)

Arcadius woke up, alone, in his friends home as the clean up crew were doing their thing. He threw on a Tshirt and some jeans and began to collect his things as he left to get back to his town house. One part of his break was to truly not work, but another part was that he was hoping to find some inspirations for his next film project. In a really quick time, he had written and filmed two movies and he was already getting asked over and over what his next project would be. He had no idea, but he hoped being on break and meeting different people would inspire him eventually. He hadn’t been inspired, but he liked to keep notes about interesting people he’d met or interesting things he’d seen. He wanted to get back to his temporary home and jot down those notes on his Macbook.

When he got home, he flipped up the laptop and basically stared at a blank screen for a few hours. Jotting down random things, but nothing of importance or interest. He basically sat and  recalled the party and some of the small talk he had, but nothing good enough to form anything out of. Before he knew it, he was zoning out on Red Hot Chilli Peppers and not doing much of anything else. He called out for lunch, a Cobb Salad which he had been craving for two days. He devoured it all and decided to watch some Netflix which eventually made him fall asleep for a good 4 hour nap. He was awaken to his phone alerting him of a text message, once he rubbed his eyes he noticed it was 4 messages. All from Enzo from the party, the cute maybe-Indian maybe-Filipino chef guy.

“Hi” was the first text, “It was great meeting you last night” was the quick followup, “we should chillax soon” and finally “… pick up where we left off”.

Arcadius smiled at all four texts, and was a little put off. He always thought there were strict dating rules about contacting somebody less than 24 hours of meeting. He had never truly dated, other than his now Ex-wife, so he was oblivious to the digital rules of dating. Arcadius was clearly taken by this Chef guy, but he wasn’t sure how to proceed. If texting him right back would make him look desperate, or if it’d make him look like he just wanted sex, or if waiting a day to text back would make him seem uninterested? He decided to just go with it and text back.

For the rest of that night the two of them traded texts back and forth. They got to know each other a bit more, Enzo admitted he was a fan of Arcadius’ music but didn’t know much about his background. Arcadius shared, while Enzo told him all about his family moving from London when he was about 4 years old to LA where his mother was a semi-successful actress and his dad was a go-to surgeon of the area. He got into cooking in Junior High and by the time he was 22 opened his first of three restaurants all over the Southern California map. Enzo, now 34, was working on his fourth restaurant in West Hollywood which was almost done, the two agreed they’d meet there the following day.

Arcadius was impressed by the restaurant and it’s menu. But he was even more impressed by Enzo who continued to surprise him with his interesting life story. They had a ball during lunch, laughing and having great conversation, and enjoying each others company. And before they knew it, two weeks went by and they had spent a good portion of every day in that time together, watching movies, or going out to eat, or just hanging out at eithers homes. Sex actually didn’t come up, until one night when liquor was flowing and talk turned flirty. They started to make out on Enzo’s couch, which quickly led to some groping, and things just stopped. Blame it on the TV, they both got excited when a “making of” special came on for the show they both loved “Downton Abbey”. Once that was over, Arcadius left. Knowing that the next time they met up, more was going to be expected.

Not that he was opposed to sex with the Chef, he just worried things would make a change for the worst. Arcadius really hated thinking in the negative, and was trying to get his mind off all these feelings but he was new to this dating thing. He had heard lots of stories of romance turned bad by all his friends, he didn’t want to make the same bad choices. He began to get too analytical about this Enzo situation, and his only solution was to just stop and let things flow.

The next night, they met up in Hollywood for dinner and Arcadius was the first to speak about the big sexual elephant in the room. He always liked Enzo for being the take-charge, experienced one in this budding relationship and it was the same tonight as Enzo welcomed the conversation. They talked about the sex thing all night, and it got both of them so hot and bothered they barely made it inside the car before they were groping and making out. Arcadius drove back to his place, with Enzo’s hand massaging his member the whole time. Once Arcadius got his front door open, it was full on sexy time.

Enzo was slightly taller than Arcadius, and with a thicker overall frame but Arcadius wasn’t worried about having to flip flop tonight because Enzo told him he was more of a bottom and Arcadius was loving his big muscle butt already. They were so wrapped up in each other, they didn’t even remember how they made it to the bedroom, they both stripped down and hopped on the bed. Details are unnecessary, they did what everybody does. A little sucking, a lot of rimming, and a night full of screwing. They were both in sheer ecstasy for hours as they had very sensual sex, kissing the entire time, caressing each others bodies. It wasn’t just about a quick fuck for either, they were both completely into each other in a very romantic loving way.

Enzo ended up spending the night, and Arcadius felt really good having him next to him. It had only been about 6 months since he came out to the world, and only about 2 months since his “hiatus” began and he felt it was pretty amazing that he was able to find and get close to such an interesting, sexy and loving guy. He counted himself as lucky, and right before the negative thoughts of second-guessing and over-thinking came over him, he fell asleep. He was awaken by a text. He looked over to make sure Enzo was still with him, and he was, and picked up his phone.

“Good Morning” was the text. From The Kid, the R&B boy band guy with the big butt he bonded with at the party. He did want to get to know him better, but he felt slightly awkward reading this text with Enzo, who he unofficially thought of as his new “boo” already. The Kid was really sweet, and was not flirty or sexual with him at all, and he wasn’t even fully sure if The Kid was really OUT or not, so he didn’t see any harm in answering back.

© 2013 Hannibal Alexander