Hello, Did Ya Miss Me?

I haven’t totally forgotten about this blog, but there’s been lots going on. For one I finally finished Community College, I will be awarded with TWO Associate Degrees soon. It was such a long battle, and I only have myself to blame for why it all took so long. I graduated High School in 1998, went directly to Community College after that. Than, in late 1999, I applied to work for the phone company out here and I got the job, having a full time job with lots of overtime didn’t really work with my idea to finish school. So the 5 years I was there, I attempted maybe 3 different times to finish school with no luck. Even after I quit that job, it took me about 3 years to finally commit to finishing. And FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, I finished.

Which leads me to the next reason I haven’t been much into updating this blog. I’m moving, I live in the Northern California Bay Area and I’ve had it here. I’m probably just bored, I don’t wanna knock the Bay Area but I just need to see new things. And things… like relationships, friendships, jobs, arts… aren’t really happening for me out here anyway, so it’s just time to move on. It took me a while to decide WHERE I’d be going, but I decided to really follow my heart and head to New York City. Since I was 14, I dreamed about living in the Big Apple but was always a little scared. You know, cost of living is always said to be really expensive out there, and crime and all that. But there is something about New York that has always been calling my name. Mainly, whenever I’d meet somebody who was from the East Coast we would ALWAYS hit it off. I think there’s something about the New York attitude that I really like and something about my attitude that maybe New Yorker’s like? Either way, I’m gonna go and try. Because who wants to look back 10 or 20 years from now and think “I should have moved to NYC!”.

And also, I’ve been YouTubing my random thoughts instead of writing them out. It’s been interesting, I do still feel like I write better than I speak, but posting videos has been a good exercise for me. It makes me aware of how I speak, and how I come off to other people. It has actually been helping, as you can see my videos have gotten slightly better over time.

Here’s the thing I miss about blogging though. There are several Album and Film reviews I attempted to do via YouTube that didn’t come out all that great. And I think writing things like that out is better than just talking about them. I also should add that I don’t do detailed notes when I record my videos, so that makes them a little ramble-y and unfocused. But for instance, Kanye West, Vampire Weekend, Fantasia, Snoop Lion, “Star Trek Into Darkness” and other media related reviews I tried to do but never could find the right words to complete them.

So… what can you expect from me?

I think I’ll still share my YouTube videos with you guys, so that’s still happening. However I want to get back to what this blog was originally. A place for me to vent about Music and Film and Pop Culture and continue to build up my writing muscle. I haven’t written any new Fiction in a while, and the reason behind that is I need to read more. I started myself a Summer Reading Challenge which I’ll start posting videos about soon, but the point was to read more literature and maybe that could help me find my unique voice in the writing.

Anyway just thought I’d check in with you guys. I really missed you, and really sorry I’ve been gone so long, and I HOPE you guys all come back.

I should also mention that I’ve gotten rid of a good number of my Social Media accounts. So here’s what’s left… Follow Me!

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