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One of my favorite blogs on WordPress is LittleByListen. They are a creative bunch of guys that do Music reviews and the like, but one of my favorite things they do is their Top Ten Thursdays. I didn’t want to just outright steal their idea, but for today’s purposes (and the purposes of getting me back into the blog mind-set) I’m going to attempt something a little challenging.

Today, Thursday, will be MY Top Ten Thursday. But what I want to do is 10 Top 10’s, 10 different Top 10 lists. I was thinking about it all yesterday, and jotted down names and songs today, so here is the first of 10.

Since I posted my favorite Albums of 2013 yesterday, it’s only right to make my first list the Top 10 Singles of 2013. I’m going to try to keep in mind only singles that were released in 2013, but I may slip up, and hey, there are some songs from 2012 that are just SO good that I have to include them. So here goes.

10. Justin Timberlake featuring Jay Z “Suit and Tie”

It’s odd to me that so many Timberlake fans say they don’t like this song. Odd because it’s funky, has fun lyrics, a catchy hook and some actual soulful attitude from Timberlake’s vocal.

9. Cold War Kids “Miracle Mile”

8. Walk Off The Earth “Red Hands”

7. Mariah Carey featuring Miguel “#Beautiful”

A lot of Lambs were upset that Mariah played more like a featured artist on her own single, but if you can get over that you’ll get a very lovely R&B track that’s great to sing a long to, and shows that 23 years later Mariah can still collaborate with the new school of talent and make it work.

6. Vampire Weekend “Diane Young”

One of the most fun songs of the year, and the word play is genius.

5. Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I. “Blurred Lines”

Some of you guys may be extremely tired of this song, it’s been played OUT on the radio, but one thing about Pharrell’s productions… that dude will have you dancing before you know it. I dare anybody to try to listen to this song and not wanna shake some things.

4. Fitz and the Tantrums “Out of My League”

3. Ed Sheeran “Lego House”

I can technically include this, even though it was techincally released in the UK in 2011, and I heard the song in 2012, it wasn’t released officially as a single in the US until this year. I just love the way Ed sings, he’s got a soul but he’s also got that fun accent (“knoock it doown”) that makes this well-written song a treat to hear and sing along to.

2. Kelly Clarkson “People Like Us”

What an anthem, for the “damned, the lost and forgotten”, this song will get you amped up.

1. Kendrick Lamar “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”

“I got my drank, I got my music, I would share it but today…”, Kendrick just doesn’t want anybody to kill his vibe. I think we’ve all been there before.