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In the effort of continuing this Best Music of 2013 trend, what we have now are my favorite Album cuts from this years releases. Album cuts meaning those songs on the album that haven’t been officially released as singles, and often times these album cuts are the best the artist or group has to offer.

So here goes.

10. The-Dream featuring Beyonce and 2Chainz “Turnt” (from “IV Play”)

I am OFFICIALLY OVER the term “Turnt Up”, but I’m not quite over this song because there’s so many funny moments. Beyonce mentioning Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie’s infamous Red Carpet Arrival, Dream shouting out Kelly and Michelle when talking about “jelly”, and I must say 2Chainz verse is pretty killer. Fun song.

9. Kanye West “Blood on the Leaves” (from “Yeezus”)

Mainly for the Swizz Beatz sample, I used to love Swizzy’s productions when he first started, so to hear the DMX sample given so much love takes me back down memory lane every time.

8. Local Natives “Black Spot” (from “Hummingbird”)

I just love when something starts off so simple, and builds to an epic finale. You’ll get that with this gem.

7. The Strokes “80’s Comedown Machine” (from “Comedown Machine”)

6. Vampire Weekend “Everlasting Arms” (tie) “Finger Back” (from “Modern Vampires of the City”)

I gotta make this one a TIE, I love BOTH of these songs so much.

5. Jay-Z featuring Rick Ross “Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit” (from “Magna Carta… Holy Grail”)

This song is just straight up Niggotry, but I can’t NOT listen to it multiple times a day. #smh

4. Justin Timberlake “Strawberry Bubblegum” (from “The 20/20 Experience”)

3. The Strokes “One Way Trigger” (from “Comedown Machine”)

2. Kelly Rowland “Red Wine” (from “Talk a Good Game”)

This song is incredibly sexy, unique, soulful, it’s the kind of thing I want more of from Kelly. A song that sounds like nothing else in R&B, and vocally she compliments the track perfectly.

1. Daft Punk featuring Panda Bear “Doin It Right” (from “Random Access Memories”)