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When I was researching the Top 10 Most Deserving MTV VMA Winner post, It called to mind the heyday of MTV in the 90’s. Maybe I shouldn’t say heyday, but the 90’s were when I became obsessed with the network.

I am an 80’s baby, but our family never had cable on a consistent basis until the 90’s. And I would literally get home from school and just park myself right in front of the TV and soak in all the Alterna-goodness that MTV was serving. Here are 10 of my favorite videos from those Alternative Rockers of the 90’s (I may continue this at another time, because I truly truly did LOVE My MTV!). Enjoy.

10. Guns N Roses “November Rain”

This was kind of the swan song for GNR, and trust me MTV played this video OUT in the early 90’s. The bottom line is that it’s an EPIC 9 minute long melodrama about, well, who really knows. It has gorgeous Supermodels and some amazing imagery, that’s all you need right!?

9. The Verve “Bittersweet Symphony”

Something about me, I LOVE videos where people are walking toward camera. That’s weird right? Anyway I love this song and I always loved this video which is strangely engaging.

8. Korn “Freak on a Leash”

7. Aerosmith “Livin’ on the Edge”

6. Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun”

This is just a strange ass video that I could never look away from when it was on. It’s so creepy, and I remember the CGI was pretty impressive at the time.

5. Alanis Morissette “Ironic”

4. Nine Inch Nails “Closer”

3. Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Give It Away”

This is an Iconic video, enough said.

2. Blind Melon “No Rain”

Every now and than, this song comes on the radio and I bet everybody listening instantly gets the image of the Girl in the Bee costume skipping around town. A very light sunny video for a light and sunny song.

1. R.E.M. “Everybody Hurts”

Okay, so I put this at number one because even at 13 years old I felt so emotionally connected to this video. It’s so sad but moving, it just let’s you know (through the lyrics and the concept of the video) that so many people in the world feel exactly the same when it comes to feeling alone. Bravo!