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Pharrell Williams is “Happy” and he loves women, and thats basically the gist of his second solo album “G I R L”, which was released earlier this week.

pharrell-girl-album-coverNot that we need any thing else from Pharrell, who is at his best when he’s making us dance and sing a long to his infectious productions. For that reason “G I R L” is a winner of an album. Its not deep and it doesn’t try to be, it doesn’t even have any ground breaking production. Its just fun, and it gives us a snapshot of Pharrell in a very confident and positive space in his life.

It’s actually the most relaxed and at ease we’ve probably ever heard Pharrell, which is evidenced on tracks like “Gush” or his duet with Justin Timberlake “Brand New” where he doesn’t hit all the right notes, but still sounds more sure of himself and that confidence makes the track that much better.

He’s not trying to prove anything lyrically or production wise here, he just wants to put out music he enjoys in hopes that his fans will enjoy it as well. And we do. Well I do. Not every song is a killer, but MOST are. Most importantly they all sound great mixed together, so it makes for a  great and cohesive album. It’s not over-long or trying to throw in all different types of genres like on his debut album “In My Mind”. At only 10 tracks, “G I R L” sticks mainly to soulful sounds like on the aforementioned “Brand New” and “It Girl”.

There is a nice number of collaborations, but not so many that they overcrowd the album and drown him out. The album is just a perfect balance all the way around.

Some artists seem to make their best music when they are sad or depressed, in Pharrell’s case it seems to be the opposite. He’s happy and confident, and listeners can feel those positive vibes radiate from each song.

Grade: 4 of 5
Best: Lost Queen, Know who You Are, Gust of Wind